Netflix Brings Super HD And 3D Streaming For Selected ISPs

Netflix today has officially announced two latest offerings to its high quality video streaming, one of which goes with featuring a whole extra for those who just can’t get enough. Netflix in their new announcement enhanced streaming options for users on select ISPs and singlehandedly put the video store out of business, and with DVD and Blu-ray disc sales always under pressure from online content distributors, the streaming media company is keen to re-double its efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

CES has hosted to an introduction by Netflix that promises to kill the biggest argument for Blu-ray over Netflix streaming – 1080p content. Netflix was rumored for offering ISPs access to higher quality streams in return for partnering on distribution surfaced early last year, and were followed by the announcement of its Open Connect CDN Network in June 2012.


Now the full picture has been unveiled with the company’s announcement of “Super HD” 1080p and (in the US only, for now) 3D streaming, which comes to its customers at no extra cost, but with a small catch and its only on certain devices that plugged in to the Open Connect partner ISPs. Videophiles though have long pointed to the high resolution BRD as the reason that Netflix and the like will always offer a lower quality experience to disc-base solutions.

The recently announced Super HD streaming from Netflix however may cahnge all that forever. Dubbled Super HD and offering 1080p streaming, Netflix also says that the high-quality stream will only be made available via ISPs that have signed up. Right now, in the United States, means Google Fiber and Cablevision. Customers of other ISPs are aksed to call their providers and put the pressure on, with Netflix no doubt hoping that force from customers will mean ISPs will sign up as sooner rather than later.

The Open Connect ISPs from Netflix hardware list includes PS3, WiiU, Windows 8, Roku, Apple TVs as well as Blu-ray players and smart TVs with 1080p support. According to Netflix, most of its international streams are already going through compatible ISPs, although the only major participants announced in the US currently. The Cablevison and Google Fiber are the two supported providers. The Netflix Super HD webpage will offer confirmation for those unsure, too.

Netflix’s ability to manage bandwidth will be increasingly important and the ISPs customers access its with and along with those rankings, “Super HD” is an important lure to get them to play ball. If super high resolutions are not your pack, how about 3D?


Netflix today has announced that it will also be offering streams that come with a whole extra dimension for your viewing experience. Some 3D ready titles pop up on the Netfiix’s library and now the whole thing is official. Now viewers can access titles like Art of Flight, Immortals and several titles from 3net. The higher-quality encodes are targeted for 7 Mbps, while 3D streams top out at 12 Mbps, according to Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media Blog.

Netflix (NFLX) has been the cause of most of the streaming video watched across the planet for a good while now, and today’s news is a sign that the company will not be resting on its laurels. There are still plenty of companies seeking on taking Netflix’s streaming crown away from it, with Amazon amongst them and who would dare bet against them?

(Source: Netflix Super HD)