Netatmo For iOS Unveils Urban Weather Station, Utility Works With iPhone And iPad [VIDEO]

Everyone in the world wants to know about the climate when they are traveling or at work, now Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station came to scene claims to be an accurate weather tracker for iOS devices and it is specially designed to be used with companion applications for the iPhone and iPad tablet devices.

Actually, Netatmo’s Weather Station sensors fits outside recording the weather an preview the information back to your iOS device through the home wireless network. This is nothing like other weather stations that conveniently present information on easy-to-read displays. Instead, you can get tow drab cylinder accessories stuffed with sensors and a mobile application. Whereas the large indoor AC-powered cylinder measure indoor noise level, CO2, humidity, and temperature. While the smaller outdoor unit, powered by four triple A (AAA) batteries, measures temperature and humidity, that you can read the data with the app.

The aluminum tube design certainly gives a fresh look to the WiFi-linked indoor and outdoor sensors, but the real trick is the matching iOS (and eventually Android) app. Using it is pretty simple!

Once configured with your local WiFi, you can enable it and use the weather station like you use any free weather HD iOS/Androd apps. This new weather station accessory shows data on your phone or tablet. Switch between indoor and outdoor info, or graph the data over time. That’s it!

While the free app tracks historical trends and shares them with fellow users in a network that Netatmo hopes will provide a better understanding of wider-scale and longer-term trends. Ready to purchase the new weather station for $180.

For more useful information to track weather records then please head over to Netatmo’s official website here.