NES Gamers Glory: Original Final Fantasy Game Lands On Android

Final Fantasy has been one of the longest-serving and commercial successful and been a popular role-playing titles on any Gaming platform, well received by critics and now having been given a warm welcome on Apple’s iOS, the title after original selling 400000 copies made available for those running Google’s Android.

Remind you of the newer Fnal Fantasy was rolled out in the past, it became a super fun game to play on the NES platform – an instant classic. Now now you can relive those memories on an Android device. Japanese video game developer Square Enix is now bringing the original Final Fantasy game to the Android platform – like the iOS counterpart – essentially a port for the very first version, poses with many visual enhancements though.

The NES title has been vastly improved over the past decade or two, it maintains to this day its originality, which is such an important aspect of any long-standing series. The controls have been optimized for the touch interface, so even though we’re a long way from those old NES controllers, that shouldn’t mean the game will be any less enjoyable to play.

Honestly to say that I am to a big gamer and for me its out of reach, but my friends would like to play the original title of the NES, becuase they already enjoyed the Final Fantasy VII for the PSX.

Gaming goes like this, your task will be to guide the Warriors of Light as they look to restore the crystals to their former luster. Square Enix has upgraded the graphics to fit Android devices, so it won’t be exactly the same, but still a great game.

But being an gamer you have to try playing the Android version, while the iOS iteration would be perfectly smoother than this latest version.

Don’t waste your time on an Android release of the Finaal Fantasy, now you can grab it from the Google Play Store for a price tag of $6.99. Of course it is expensive, no doubt you will be experiencing with a great FF titles, if you played in the past and worth more than the money.

Download Final Fantasy for Android [Google Play link]