MS Office 2010 To Office 2013 Upgrade Program Launching Next Month [REPORT]

According to ZDNet reports, Microsoft is preparing to launch its latest Office upgrading offer this fall, along with official Windows 8 operating system next month. Sources who are close to the Redmond-based software company’s Microsoft Office 2013 project informed the the source website that the Office 2010 to MS Office 2013 upgrade program is also in the launching table.

On October 19th, means before Windows 8 final release, the program, designed to offer a free copy of Office 2013 to those purchasing a 2010 edition, may launch. Microsoft has not yet said any official word exactly when the Microsoft Office 2013 will be made available in the final form, so an upgrade garuntee program would likely run for just over six months like previous ones.

With the release of Microsoft Office 2013 preview, the debate is on about upgrading. We look at 3 features that will be beneficial to SMBs and is rumored to Release to Manufacturing (RTM) in November, with a general availability in early 2013. Microsoft previously offered an upgrade guarantee program for those who purchased Office 2007 shortly before Office 2010’s availability.

That program ran over seven months, allowing those who purchased Office 2007 to upgrade to MS Office 2010 at no extra cost during the promotional offer. This upgrade program, allowing anyone who purchases Office 2010 between then and the end date which is thought to be around April 30th 2013, will be eligible to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013.

ZDNet however managed to obtain screenshots of the upgrade details which allegedly appeared on Indicating, users who purchase Office 2010 Home & Student, Home & Business 2010, or University 2010 will be offered an Office 365 Home Premium subscription or an equivalent Office 2013 standalone suite. Whereas Office University 2010 will be offered an Office 365 University sub, and Office for Mac customers will be offered an Office 365 Home Premium subscription. To quality, the program will allegedly run between October 19th and April 30th, 2013.

Unfortunately, we got no further details or confirmed whether it will be a free upgrade as with other upgrade promotions or come with a discounted fee to be paid. As soon as information comes to light we will keep you updated as always. Source The Verge