Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS “AKA Boot To Gecko” For Smartphones Revealed Competitive Screenshots

Hardware specifications plays an important role on smartphone or tablet or any technology related products, and in which the software it runs its part as an significant factor in the overall quality and popularity of a device.

Currently, the mobile market depends on Android, with Apple’s iOS platform comes in second and the Microsoft’s Windows Phone placement remains in third when compared with the dominated spectrum by the big two. While the Windows Phone 8, Microsoft pushing it to the world later this year, which would certainly boat up as a competitive three-horse racer however.

Nokia was first in place in late 2000’s, but now its dropped its Symbian mobile OS and merged with the Windows ecosystem. Apart from Android, iOS and WP, there are plenty of other firmwares which has already been abandoned. BlackBerry OS is another platform for Resaerch In Motion’s flagship brand smartphone, WebOS was a pretty good rival from HP, and as I told Symbian, the once dominating software bundled package into hundreds of millions of Nokia-branded phones, is now disappeared in some countries.

Now, Mozilla comes to scene, who announced earlier this month that the HTML5-based mobile platform it’s currently concocting will launch in early 2013 as Firefox Mobile OS. AKA Boot To Gecko, which focuses on open Web standards.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browser in the web, that you can consider and proud to be, and the foundation has decided now is the time to make its very own mobile operating system, to compete with well established likes of Android and iOS.

Introduced back in April, today images have surfaced through TechWeekEurope, depicting what consumers can expect from Firefox OS. It looks familiar to Android at times, as yet runs apps in HTML5, the Mozilla Foundation claims it as a lighter one, faster and offers more flexible than the current market leader Google. The published gallery of screenshots depicting various areas of Firefox Mobile and it definitely looks, well, like a familiar mashup of Google’s (GOOG) Android OS and Apple’s (AAPL) iOS software.

As an open source company developing products in the open, you can expect to see in-progress mock ups and screenshots of all of our projects as they evolve. These are not any indication of the final product, according to BGR with Mozilla spoekesmen’s email statement about the screenshots of Firefox OS.

What do you expect from Mozilla? It can produce the ability of smoothness, competitive mobile operating system, or not? Share this via Facebook and Google+.