More Next iPhone 5 Parts Leaked Out In China, Again Shows Nano-SIM Card, Front Panel and Innards Revealed

When the launch time coming closer and closer we’re getting parts of what are reported to be for Apple’s new iPhone (5), and now according to the latest report from the same French publication Nowhereelse.fe and Chinese forum iColorOS, more alleged parts of the sixth-generation iPhone have been leaked out.

The photo below was published on a Chinese forum, and it shows off the next devices back of and front casing as well as a number of other purported parts, including the home button.

This one who is remotely interested in the release of the next-generation Apple hardware must been involved in paying particular attention to all of the leaked images and reports that have been circulating around the world wide web for a last couple of months. Many other sources pushed out a plethora of photographs which show varying parts, that are suspected to be a part of the new iPhone, which likely to be introduced next month.

The alleged images that show most of the parts that will make up the external innards of the device, including the front panel of Apple’s next gadget, as well as things like the nano-SIM card tray and the black and white variations of the home button that is to be used to exit out of apps and get back to the main iOS springboard interface. Not only that, the images shown that includes a number of sensors that will be built into the iPhone itself, presumably to handle things like device orientation and ambient light sensors.

The device-sized piece of metal that haven’t ever leaked and surfaced before and it would be the most interesting parts and components that are now shown in the images. The thin piece of metal, coated black in these images, seems like it could possibly act as some kind of protective shield for the larger display which Apple is intending to ship this next iPhone with. While when talking about the changes of the screen has mixed reaction amongst the smartphone loving world, though with the production of an iPhone with a larger display is expected, considering all previous models featured the same sized screen. Believe that, Apple is bowing down to pressure placed upon them thanks to smartphone rivals Samsung producing a range of top-end devices that feature mammoth displays.

Whatever, but it now looks like the device will surely feature a display with a larger vertical dimension. We have been seeing the renders, mockups and concept designs based on leaked parts of a fully assembled new iPhone before and we’re largely in the dark side about any possible internal design. If the rumors are correct is that the new iPhone will feature a slimmer design, plus a larger 4 inch touchscreen display and will use Apple’s new Nano SIM card. On September 12, Apple will officially details about the next iPhone in a new manner.