Microsoft Reportedly To Launch Official SkyDrive App For Android Soon [VIDEO]

The Redmond-software maker has unveiled its new redesigned Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage app and launched for Windows Phone and OS X clients. Today, Microsoft has announced that the revamped SkyDrive, not only giving it a new look of paint but taken SkyDrive desktop app out of preview and revealed an app for Android smartphones. Details after this jump!

Microsoft’s SkyDrive service is one of those cloud storage clients has been competing with the Google”s G-Drive and Dropbox, unfortunately doesn’t make any break through on mobile devices, like the most popular mobile platform, the Android lacks this cloud client. But now according to Microsoft, the redesigned modern, and of course being a carbon copy of the design seen on its Outlook webmail service. The firm has also integrated searching for file names and the contents of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored on the service.

As expected the SkyDrive Android version will allows users to access, upload and share documents from Android phones and Microsoft claims to have improved the speed of Windows desktop clients using Skydrive and said it uses significantly less CPU time. But the big announcement was that it intends to launch a native Skydrive app for Android in a few weeks.

Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Skydrive project and see it in action by yourself right now here.

“Over the past months, we’ve shared our approach to building versatile personal cloud storage that can scale to a billion people. Today, we’re excited to announce the next step towards that vision, and how this brings the SkyDrive desktop apps out of preview:”

So far Android Skydrive users have had to make do with the web interface to interact with the service, but now Microsoft showed off a couple of preview screenshots of its Android Skydrive app, including the ability to browse pictures. Also removed the limitations and restrictions for developers on the types of files that third party applications can upload to SkyDrive.

For more detailed information, you please head over to Microsoft’s official website and know what’s new was announced, that includes more about the developers on how they can start use of SkyDrive within the application.