Microsoft Reducing The Xbox 360 Kinect Price In The U.S., Now Retailing For $109.99 Only [GRAB]

What would be Microsoft’s fastest selling gadget of all time? Obviously Kinect, has propelled the company’s Xbox 360 console to the summit of the console battle. While Sony’s PlayStation Move offers pretty similar functionality, but hasn’t managed to yield the popularity of Kinect, however and for those who are ready to get involved in the interaction-fest, you can be offered your very best Kinect sensor for a reduced price of $109.99 (almost $110).

Microsoft has announced this price reduction for their Xbox 360 Kinect motion controller through Major Nelson website. By bringing its price to 109.99 USD in the United States, together with North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions where Kinect sensors is sold and available for purchase, from today. Meanwhile, folks in the Middle East, Europe and Africa seem to be out of luck for now, since there are no price-slashing plans for the time being.

Xbox 360 games in Australia and New Zealand will have to wait until October 4th for the price to be applied by Microsoft in their countries. No follow up of the price drop plans for EMEA and Japan yet.

Remind you about the Kinect 2 currently in the works (along with the next-generation Xbox 720), Steve Ballmer’s company is looking to shift as many of the current product range as physically possible. This notion was outlined earlier this summer with the software maker’s move to subsidize its popular console-Kinect combo. One can – at Microsoft Stores only – purchase both the Xbox 360 and Kinect for a mere $99, with a small monthly fee offering Xbox LIVE Gold membership for 24 months.

The Kinect has just dropped significantly to $109.99, although the new price is only applicable to those residing Stateside and according to the Major Nelson website: “Today we are announcing a new price for Kinect. The new permanently reduced price will be US $109.99 in US. There will be also a permanently reduced price in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions where Kinect is sold. Additionally, on October 4, the Kinect sensor will be available for a permanently reduced price in Australia and New Zealand.”

It previously retailed at $149.99, so that’s a decent chunk of nearly one-third that has been slashed off the original selling price in the US. We can’t expect this much of deduction in other regions, but the Kinect has always been a great value for money, though any changes saved is fixed as bonus.