Microsoft Office For iOS And Android Finally Unveiled, Set For 2013 Launch [IMAGES]

Exclusive: Office Mobile will debut in the form of free apps that allow Android and iOS users to view Microsoft Office documents on the go, and reportedly to also have Office 365 subscription tie-in. The rumors that surfaced on Microsoft is porting Office to iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices continue to rage. Finally it becomes an accurate one. Check the details after the jump!

A long time coming out, but a version of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android is real, and it’s currently in the works, will arrive early next year. In fact the case, the iOS version for iPhone and iPad will drop first, with an Android edition landing over at the Google Play Store at some point thereafter.

The first time we heard about Office for non-Windows-based devices, and the release of OneNote for iPad earlier this year certainly laid the foundation for the popular productivity suite to eventually arrive. To add some hot ingredient to the purported rumors, TheVerge cites a number of sources in outlining the software maker’s plans to release Office for iOS and Android in the early stages of 2013. Office suite with some alternatives available on the two foremost mobile platforms, there’ll be a collective spring of relief when the Redmond company finally joins the spree.

As mentioned above its exclusive one, using Office Mobile will require a Microsoft account, and has the ability to take full advantage of a free download for viewing MS Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations and such while on the move. This will serve as a taster for a complete bundle of package, which will require an Office 365 subscription for all of your basic editing needs in the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on the fly.

Interestingly the IAP (in-app purchase) system will allow consumers to grab the copy of Office 365 subscription swiftly and securely, however there will also be a system by which codes can be purchased in much the same way normal Office subscription work for smaller businesses.

Initially, the editing will likely only offer a fraction of the functionality found on desktop version, according to TheVerge’s report, those hoping for a fully-fledged Office replacement will be disappointed – in some cases. The iOS and Android version will serve instead to supplement the regular version of Office for when you really can’t be at a computer. Whereas the smartphones is pretty supportive, but not the iPad, and most of Android tablet, shouldn’t receive something representative of full-functionality. Microsoft may eventually cave in to inevitable pressure / natural progression, and offer an all-sighing Office for tablet in coming future.

The Office Mobile might make an official appearance toward the end of Q1 2013, while the Android version is accounted to be dropping sometime in May.