Microsoft My Server App For Windows 8 / RT Released To Manage Windows Server 2012 Essentials – Download Now!

The Redmond-based software company when released Windows 8, has, inevitably followed by the release of Office 2013 and MS Office 360, but now, Microsoft has been hard at work on several other free apps as it tries to provide its new-look operating system across its huge user base. The Windows Store needs to establish itself with many decent new apps as it can get, and today, yet another in-house offering landed in the form of My Server.

For Windows 8 as well as Windows RT support, My Server allows users to access and edit shared files on servers powered by Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Not only that, My Server also includes the ability to search and locate documents on Windows 8 / RT devices and systems, along with the shared folder of the server.


Other possibilities include using the Launchpad application or using a Web browser with Microsoft’s Remote Web Access protocol, which is set up via a wizard. One of the more riveting feature is the ability to access a recently-opened file, regardless whether the application is connected to the server. My Server has also been a great administrative tool thanks to its ability to manage users, devices, and alerts on the server side.


Forgot to say that My Server has the unique ability to even reset user passwords — provided that they have administrative privileges on Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

Full support for streaming media playback from the server is fixed as standard, so you’ll be able to sue your server for catching your favorite movies or TV shows, like, this app could be an useful download.


Microsoft is taking matters into its own hands and creating some fine Windows 8/RT apps of its own, rather than sitting back and waiting for third parties to provide new apps and deliver to the tiled interface. Back in January, the software maker released its Dynamics Business Analyzer app, and all of these smaller releases seem depends on ensuring businesses, server operators, and general users adopt to the new OS as quickly and smoothly as possible.

According to Clinton Ho, a lead program manager on the Windows Server Essentials team, in a blog post. Ho suggested that it is possible to open recently accessed server files and make changes, even while offline, using the My Server App.That changes will then get synchronized when the user reconnects online. Media files can also be accessed and played using this My Server app.


Indeed, a smaller app was recently released for those on Windows Phone, and however the offerings look, as one can expect, even more powerful, it would be considered as though Microsoft seeks the kind of cohesion and mobile-desktop interface enjoyed by Apple’s OS X / iOS range.

Until now, My Server App is just for Windows Server 2012 Essentials and Windows Phone. It’s not clear if Microsoft will make one that works with Windows Server 2012. Want to grab the My Server app, you can do so via the link provided below.

(Source: My Server for Windows 8 on Windows Store)