Microsoft Expands Subsidized 250GB Xbox 360 Console Price For $99

All those video gaming addicts (fans) here’s a good news from Microsoft, as the Redmond based company is offering something for the holiday season, by expanding their Xbox 360 console subsidy deal. The same original reduction deal first made an appearance earlier on in the year when Microsoft announced that consumers could purchase its 4GB Xbox 360 console with Kinect motion camera for $99, with a monthly charged two-year Xbox LIVE subscription from participating stores. And is one of three subsidized pricing options gamers will have to choose from.

However, it was quite limited in the fact that it only covered the 4GB Xbox 360 model and was limited to just 16 official participating Microsoft Stores. The third is to pay $149 for a 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, also contingent upon inking a 2-year service agreement. Potential console owners have to manage the original deal, either of those things were holding you back, then the deal, Microsoft’s extending its subsidized model to the 250GB SKUs, with or without the Kinect camera bundled in. Is it a good deal?

Although, the deal has been extended to include a 250GB Xbox 360 console for the same $99 price tag. The more adventurous among us can also opt to throw the Kinect motion detection hardware for an additional $50.

Currently, a 4GB Xbox 360 console with Kinect runs $250, and two years of Xbox Live Gold service adds another $100 price tag. That’s a grand total of $350. If going the subsidized route, you’ll end up paying around $459 ($99 + $15 for 24 months). The same rules apply to the extension of the offer, anyone wanting to purchase the Xbox 360 for the $99 or $149 reduced price must also sign-up for a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold membership that comes with a recurring monthly charge of $14.99.

While, the regular price for a 4GB Xbox 360 console is $300, but major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are currently selling it for $250. No official confirmation yet that the deal will be extended to additional retail outlets but the official holding page for the offer on the Xbox website suggests that the list will be updated and extended to give consumers additional choices.

There are plenty gaming fans who actually purchase an Xbox 360 invariably go on to subscribe to Microsoft’s online Live service, and this could be the best deal to be able to grab a 4GB or 250GB console for just $99. The additional $14.99 will make sure that subscribers get access to great online content as well as multiplayer gaming features that can be enjoyed by friends and family members.

Summed up:

  • Subsidized 4GB Xbox 360 w/ Kinect: Save $150 up front, pay $109 more in the long run
  • Subsidized 250GB Xbox 360: Save 150 up front, pay $109 more in the long run
  • Subsidized 250GB Xbox 360 w/ Kinect: Save $200 up front, pay $70 more in the long run

Check out the official Xbox subsidy page for more information on participating retailers when the information becomes available.