MetroTwit App For Windows 8 Now Available – Download Right Now!

Upcoming users and fans of the latest Windows operating system have to look forward at this MetroTwit, Twitter desktop client along with Microsoft’s innovating and making the Windows experience infinitely better for their loyal users. The Redmond-software company continues to build its high-profile hardware pushing it in the form of Surface Windows 8 tablet. If you are thinking about the third-party software that made available for users to download. Detailed below!

If you are a regular user of the Titter micro-blogging service, then here’s what Microsoft made it available in the Windows 8 Store in the form of MetroTwit, to taste the sweetness of it by yourself.

MetroTwit as a Twitter desktop application specially rolled out for Windows operating system, and the name itself inspired byMicrosoft’s upcoming Metro interface. Since only officially available as a preview release, MetroTwit gives a glowing example of what is to come in the future and what fans can expect from a comprehensive Twitter app that is built around the Windows 8 Metro UI. Built to bring up the Windows 8 experience, MetroTwit provides users with an unique multi-column experience that can only provide an extremely functional solution to access different aspects of Twitter but also lacks some when combined with Metro-type interface.

With the MteroTwit column-based design, you can not only add and can also remove columns easily from the program, where columns can be searched, check friends status updates, mentions, direct messaging is possible, you can retweet, your own tweets and a bunch of other useful information can be grabbed.

The most important part of any Twitter experience is possible with this Windows 8 app comes with tweet compatibilities and with the developers implementing a new compose window that is available throughout the app no matter what you are currently looking at or doing. The new tweet composer window appears at the top of the interface, therefore it does not intrude on whatever is happening in the main view, so that user can get additional benefit as they can refer back to the main timeline for conversation history as they compose.

MetroTwit allows you to display multiple seraches next to each other, which can be pretty interesting for research or it can keep certain topics for work, or at home. New posts get updated automatically in the interface, and you also see notifications of them in the lower right corner of the screen.

You will be able to naturally send messages to Twitter right from the MetroTwit. Lots more cool stuffs added to this app like, auto-complete hash tags or usernames, URL shortening, high DPI support or theme compatibility to switch from the default light theme to a dark one instead.

It can be configured on how alerts are displayed on the desktop, useing filters to block unwanted tweets, or make use of Twitter api proxy if you have access to one.

While the MetroTwit was being on the web since March with the version 1.0 came with new features like filtering, additionally which weren’t mentioned earlier are a compact sidebar to make more room space for the data columns, the shortcut Ctrl-F for fater search activation, new Twitter users events support for events like users follow and favorites, and also supported with multiple accounts.

The major additional features were only available in Pro-version of MetroTwit and not for free client. MetroTwit 1.0 requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0. It will install the framework if it is not already installed on the system.

If you are a Windows 8 fan and consider yourself to be a Twitter power user, then the stylings and advanced features like users who need to monitor multiple Twitter streams at the same time, MetroTwit is an excellent option.

Download MetroTwit for Windows 8 [Win Store link]