This iPhone Accessory Connects To The Device And Measures The Amount Of Oxygen In Your Blood

What is Maximo iSpO2? It’s a commercial pusle Oximeter available for your iPhone that helps you checks out the oxygen level in your blood, actually the device that comes from a company called Maximo who introduced iSpO2 for iPhone. Details after this jump!

This accessory for iPhone simply connects or plugs into the 30-pin connector on the bottom of an iDevice, could be an iPad or iPhone 5 and interfaces with a free application. Such types of pulse oximetery technology can only seen in hospitals around the world to determine how actually oxygen is the blood on your body, by calculating the blood pressure of people who are sick. Maximo says this device isn’t for medical use, but the technology is based on it. Rather its suggesting that the device for hikers, climbers, and pilots who want to know how much oxygen is their blood at any given time period.


The company also stated that US FDA 510 (k) clearance is pending. It could or may not mean whether this will be appropriate for medical use after getting approval. However, this iSpO2 device is retailing right now with a cost tagged at $250 selling and the app will store your readings and even export them in various formats to share with other apps or your personal doctor or .