Manually Update Galaxy Nexus To Android 4.1.2 [How-To Tutorial]

As you all know about the Google’s Android 4.1.2 hits the GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S as over-the-air update, the OTA that was rolling out in the United Kingdom. Updating the Galaxy Nexus to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean means you will get the bugs ironed out. Being an incremental update, that lets users expand notifications with the swipe of one figure now, instead of two that was previously figured out (two-fingure notification opening is so passe).

When compared Galaxy Nexus to the fragment to the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, it still generates quite a bit of discussion amongst Android fans. But the recent Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update, which has slowly but neverthless through to a large portion of Nexus owners now, has been seen the once Ice Cream Sandwich-inclined smartphone thurst back into the press, and in the latest, those running “takju” iterations of the gadget can now get their fill of 4.1.2.

The new Android 4.1.2 OTA is worthy enough? Due to the fragmented nature of Android, upgrading is sledom what you could describe as “picnic,”, and don’t want to wait for the official over-the-air iteration, you can head over and kick your device into action by following the simple manual guide to force-update.

The update doesn’t actually add much, but rather fixes a some bugs that have crawled out. Reports surfaced says, it makes the performance a bit more “buttery,” while others report they aren’t noticing an extra smooth performance. The similar update of Android rolled out for Nexus 7, got some noticeable addition: a new user-interface feature that allows the phone to go in landscape mode while on the home screen. However, the GSM handsets lack that particular feature for now, and it’s appriciated that the update squashing a fe bugs from them.

Important note: Vss Zone will be not held responsible for any damage or loss of data occured with your device as a result of following this tutorial. Proceed at your own risk, and follow the steps very carefully if you are in.

Keeping up with Google’s tradition, all Nexus devices are the first to get the latest Android updates. The new Jelly Bean update is just a bug-fix update with minor performance and user interface (UI) tweaks added to it.

Before you get started, you’ll need a Galaxy Nexus (running JRN84D baseband firmware) flashed with the takju firmware. If you brought your device from Google Play, you’re running takju. Make sure your device is rooted / bootloader unlocked already, and ClockwordMod Recovery flashed.

* The new Android 4.1.2 OTA update is compatible only with the unlocked version of Galaxy Nexus GSM handset and now:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > About > System Update to ensure your device’s model number.

Step 2: Download the required update file from Google. Or (it’s advisable to perform the OTA update using a Wi-Fi network in your area and make sure you are connectewd to a local Wi-Fi network before proceeding).

Step 3: Transfer the .zip file you downloaded above to /sdcard (root directory).

Step 4: Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery. In recovery mode, use volume keys to navigate and power button to select the option.

Step 5: Take a Nandroid backup.

Step 6: Select install .zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > [.zip from Step 2]

After completion, reboot your device, and now you’ll be running the latest and smoothest version of Android Jelly Bean on your GSM Galaxy Nexus.