LTE iPhone 5 Vs. Galaxy S III In Multiple Speed Test, Benchmarked [VIDEO]

This is all depends on faster processor and ability to acquire the actual hype like the high-five new iPhone 5 smartphone and Samsung Galaxy S III. Comparison isn’t the way to get a perfect idea, reason is simple. If you are only want to target your owned device like the sixth-generation iPhone then, obviously you’ll be showing all these video tests and so on. But when you originally get the device and test by yourself, then you can the final answer. I am not the Galaxy S III owner, but an iPhone 4S user and telling this because I practically faced this with my iOS devices in the past. I don’t want to blame either Samsung devices nor the Apple devices, but giving you an idea on how you can test it and compare both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 on LTE network speed test or any other….

A day back it was confirmed through multiple benchmarks that, with its custom ARMV7 dual-core chip ultimately clocked between 750MHz to 1GHz, Apple’s iPhone 5 is of course a faster than ever smartphone available in the market. It beats that high-end Android-powered smartphones (Galaxy S III, One X, Galaxy Nexus, and on and on), that said it can beat any device, no matter if they come with four cores or are clocked at higher frequencies.

Here we got a video that puts the iPhone 5 against the Galaxy S III using quite a few of the same benchmarks. Check it out after the jump.

Performance over LTE under, under SunSpider Javascript 0.9.1, GLBenchmark 2.5, all are compared and shown the video. Yes you are right the answer is usually the iPhone 5 is faster than Galaxy S III.

Apple has come up with all the tight integrations that significantly improved power management. The iPhone 5 – despite having a 1440mAh battery – can last on 4G LTE for almost as long as a DROID RAZR MAXX with its 3300mAh battery. While, the Android phones, on the other hand, have their hardware and software created by different companies so they compensate for the lack of optimization by throwing in more cores and higher clock speeds.

As i wrote above, these are only becnhmarks. The reality is on your hands, and the real-life performances of the Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 5 – taking photographs, browsing the web, sending and receiving texts and calls – are all the same. This is one of the popular benchmarks test on how faster the iPhone 5 is than the Galaxy S3 – in terms of calculations per second, and frame-rate for graphically intense games.