Look At How Best This Google Smart Watch Concept Is, Complete with Home Screen, Voice Web Search And More

The ideas behind such designs are great to watch in a complete video like this one below the post from the technology industry – related to smart watches in particular, which isn’t a real thing. Just being a concept design called “Google Time” by Adrian Maciburko, looks kind of, pretty nice thereafter.

Although, the Pebble E-Paper watch managed to raise a staggering $10 million through its Kickstarter funding, a total that all but confirms consumers are ready for an minding watch that can adapt and change depending on the owner and the devices that they own. We have been seeing some great number of smart watches appearing in recent months from the past year, now we’ve got to see a Google dreamed concept design coming from design Adrian. Check out this smartwatch concept complete with home screen, voice search and many more integrated into it after the jump.


The creation called “Google Time” watch was named by Maciburko and it’s immediately evident that it has been hugely inspired by Google’s clean, light and fair applications that found themselves on the iOS App Store during 2012. Google Now, with its attempts (and reasonable success) at getting to know you better than you know yourself, you could get something that’s actually interesting. Like a Google Smartwatch like this?

Talking about Pebble E-Paper watch – successful due to the high level of customization that it provides through the downloading of purpose built apps as well as coming with the ability to change what is displayed at any given time on the display. The Google Time concept creation takes a few steps back toward minimizing and simplicity that includes a limited number of features.


Obviously the first and major one the Google Time smart watch provides the current date and time by default. After all it’s a watch but created in a smarter way. Maciburko also envisages the watch coming embedded with voice powered search functionality that we imagine would allow web based searches along with locally for contacts or appointments that were stored internally on the wrist hardware. While the display appears to be a multi-touch capable and capacitive to allow users to pinch in and out to unveil additional features and menu options such as the ability to check a Google+ account or view the weather forecast.


A nice idea for a super-simple take on the kinds of features such a device might have, including voice and touch interfaces. This is how a smartwatch from Google would be a perfect fit for working with Google Now. A Google Now-equipped watch would be in sync with your Google account, notifying you about upcoming meetings, flight delays, birthdays. The potential for native apps out of the equation for the time being it would actually seem to make perfect sense for Google have a watch of this nature that integrates with Google Now.


Synchronization features from Google account would be seamless and with Google taking large steps to improve Google Now, with the announcement of boarding passes and real-time destination based information, the Google Time concept seems to fit that progression perfectly, just as Google Now does on recent versions of Android. But it just coming with speculation surrounding a potential Apple and Intel iWatch. (Source: Adrian Maciburko | Via: Gizmodo)