Lightning To VGA And Digital AV Cables To HDMI Hits The Apple Online Store [Retail]

Apple’s yet another media event has been ended with bringing multiple product announcements along with some obligatory update on how existing devices like the iPhone, Mac and iPad are fitting in the marketplace. The major unveiling goes to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, mostly paid attention and release of not one, but two new iPads with the the Lightning USB adapter from the SD card kit.

Apple announced two new iPads with Lightning ports and a few new Lightning cable adapters to go along with the iPad Mini and the iPad 4th generation. The website has been updated to reflect the availability of these accessories, with the Lightning Digital AV Adapter available for $49 with a current shipping period of 2-3 weeks.

So, the iOS device owners will now be able to use the Lightning Digital Adapter to send the currently viewed content from a Lightning compatible device to an HDMI equipped hardware such as television set or HDMI port ready projector.

Two major cables was introduced by Apple, one cable connects the Lightning port to a USB, so users can connect a camera to the iPad or iPad mini. Support is bundled in for up to 720p HD with video mirroring also possible. The second cable connects the Lightning port to an SD card reader so users can plug-in an SD card to import photos and videos.

Whereas the video out support for the accessory is 1080p compatible, and flawlessly supports Apple’s latest iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad (iPad 4), obviously supports the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch. The Lightning to Digital AV cable is a Lightning to HDMI adapter designed to output video to HDTVs. Both of these cables ship in 2-3 weeks and start at $49.

Additionally, to the Lightning Digital AV adapter, Apple will be made available a Lightning to VGA adapter that commands the same 49 dolars price tag and will ship with-in 2-3 weeks.

Remind you again, the Lightning to VGA Adapter will allow iOS devices owners to mirror out their devices display to a VGA equipped television set, notebook or projector.

Apple will hold a Made for iPhone seminar in early November where it will talk to third-party manufacturers about making accessories for the new Lightning port. Manufacturers can start making third-party Lightning accessories after that meeting, but only a few are likely to arrive in stores by this holiday. Both cables follow the exact same form factor that we have seen with previous Apple cables and have been priced in the same ballpark that we have seen Apple historically hit with accessories of this type.

Note: all of those available and upcoming Lightning based cables will only be compatible with the latest iOS devices. Previous released ones of the hardware still carry the original 30-pin connection hardware and which cannot be used with thgese new accessories at all.

Currently the Lightning adapters supported devices include the fifth-generation iPod touch, the iPhone 5, the fourth-generation iPad and the fabulous new iPad mini. These two cable accessories are just a number of a growing range of Lightning cables offered by the company for new iOS devices to land on Apple’s official website.

While, the Lightning to USB cables have been available since the iPhone 5’s launch along with a new Lightning to SD Ca