LG Planning To Launch New Phone With Its Own ‘Odin’ AP


Rumored in the past about LG’s in-house chipset codenamed Odin already and speculations have it in line, the Odin smartphone was delayed several times due to overheating issues and production lag. Now, according to the latest report that surfaced have been solved, and we’re going to see the cryptic phone announced any time now.

If those reports are imminent, then we all should be seeing the Odin-running smartphones as as early as this week. Although, the insider claims that LG phone will be launched as part of the LG’s G3 series and goes for a test run for the proprietary chipset.

Apparently LG isn’t ready to promote the Odin on a flagsip device just yet and prepping to play it safe. The Odin chipset is well rumored to feature a big LITTLE configuration for the CPU with four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 cores, which will be resulting a powerful combination, but on the other hand, it should be retired soon in favor of the 64-bit ARM cores already integrated on the Exynos 7 Octa and few Snapdragon chipsets.

LG expected to surprise us wiyj the GPU (graphics chip), which could either be ARMs Mali-T604 (for quad-core variant), and the Mali-T760 (for the octa-core processors), or even use a PowerVR Series 6.

Remind you, the new AP will be based on ARM Coretex-A15 architecture (already seen in Tegra and Exynos APs) and supports full-HD resolution with the ARM big.LITTLE multi-core processor configuration.

LG Liger (F490L), just tree weeks ago passed through the Bluetooth certification authority which could be highly possible, would indeed be the upcoming Odin-powered smartphone from LG Electronics.

For the first time, LG to launch a new mid-range phone powered by its self-made application processor, Odin, LG’s AP – is a system on a Chip, like Qualcomm and Samsung’s Exynos for mobile. The announcement should be happening anytime now, but there is no perfect confirmation yet if the the phone will be a South Korean exclusive or not.