Leaked Snapshots Of Google’s Native iOS Maps App Reveals It’s In Alpha Stages?

It’s not clear yet on how long it will take for Google’s native Maps app to make it to latest iOS 6 and how much Apple can improve its maps data before then. Lot more speculations on Google will be releasing its own Maps app for iOS, which is no longer part of Apple’s plans, with the latest iteration of the company’s mobile operating system shipping with their own mapping solution in place of it.

Though, Apple replaced the Maps app powered by Google’s mapping data with its own in-house developed Maps app. It doesn’t really matter what your personal opinions are on the subject and whether you love or hate the Apple’s very own Maps app, but having an official Google Maps app on the App Store can only be as good option for iOS users out there and we.

The developer called Ben Guild in San Fransisco has published what he claims in a screenshots of the alpha version of the forthcoming Google’s native Maps for iOS 6 app. iOS developer who had figured out a way to run Google Maps to run in fullscreen mode with the older iOS 5 Maps logo. According to him, the Google’s native Maps will offer some great new features, suggested:

  • It’s vector-based.
  • It’s got two-finger rotation to any angle.
  • It’s super fast.
  • 4-inch height of the iPhone 5 is supported!

The leaked screenshots below shows up the Google’s native iOS Maps app in alpha stages and running on the iPhone (very blurry):

The recognizable images on his personal blog that he claims to show Google’s iOS Maps app and insists that it is currently in an alpha stage of development. Guilds is also going out on a limb and attaching some purported features of the app to the images. The most beneficial thing of the new Apple Maps app in iOS 6 is that it is entirely vector-based which allows Apple to cache a larger area for offline viewing as well as using significantly less data to render mapping tiles.

As shown above according to the report; the Google Maps app will also be a vector-based and will support a similar two-finger rotation facility that can be achieved in the native iOS 6 Maps app as well.

Following the reports that points the alpha version of the app provides a lightning fast user-experience and comes with an interface that has been specifically crafted to work perfectly with the larger display on the iPhone 5 and the new fifth-gen iPod touch. Not clarified whether or not the app will boast 3D maps and imagery, and whether or not it will be coming with an iPad variant, or be universal?

Finally, Guild says that the app is currently in alpha stages, it remains hidden to be uncovered when Google will release the app in the iOS App Store. Question for you on are you excited to know about the Google’s native Maps app or happy with the newly launched iOS 6 Maps app?