Jailbreak For Your Kindle Paperwhite Releases, Lets You Normal Tablet Stuff!

Amazon’s newest version of their dedicated e-Ink reader called the Kindle Paperwhite features a touch interface with an higher contrast display, is now officially jailbroken. Hackers managed to jailbreak the Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite device in a very easier way, and what security experts say breaking the tablet was made possible. Check details after the jump!

Unlike the iPhone 5, which was initially broken into in a matter of hours, the jailbreaking community didn’t get around to unlocking the Paperwhite for a matter of days. According to the SlashGear, this hack is pretty similar to one that used to jailbreak Kindle Touch.

Considering Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the latest ebook reader, and now its possible to be jailbroken and the modded code is “heavily based” on a previously known patch that used for Kindle 4 / Touch jailbreaks, updated with handful of tweaks and a new delivery method though.

After jailbreaking Kindle Paperwhite you can be able using your device as a weather station display and serial terminal access with Raspberry Pi systems. Jailbreaking Paperwhite is very simple task, like uploading a file to the root directory, and you open up the device to use for a wider variety of your general computing needs.

Confused? Then follow this these steps: To perform the jailbreak, Kindle Paperwhite owners need only download a file and upload it to the root directory of their Paperwhite device via USB, and then restart. The code takes over and does the rest.

Once when Kindle Paperwhite is jailbroken, you will be now able to install third-party apps, use the weather display or even a monitor connected to a Respberry Pi, and other things as well.

Caution: If anything goes wrong when jailbreaking, just restore / revive the Kindle device with a serial port. That’s it!

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