iStat 2 Lets You Remotely Monitor Your PC Or Mac From Anywhere Using iPhone And iPad

Today we’ll talk about second-generation of monitoring application called iStat 2 for iOS is something you may be wanting to try it out sooner than later. Developer Bjango has released iStat menu 2, an iPhone and iPad app that lets you remotely monitor Macs, PCs and even Linux machines. Check out the details after the jump!

The Bjanjo’s iStat 2 is an updated version of the popular computer monitoring tool gone by the name of iStat, now hits the iOS App Store for a price of $4.99. Stats monitoring of a computer or of the iOS device on which it runs, iStat 2 is a perfect geek tool, assuming that no self respecting fan of machines will feel they’re missing anything to do with their machines.

Somewhat like from server side to pool side stats. Once a server application has been installed on a computer, be that running Windows, OS X or Linux, iStat can hook into that computer and read whatever statistics have been collated. That’s it, you are in, will have complete information at your fingertips, without ever needed to set foot in front of your machine again. iStat 2 could be perfect when you’ve a home server running in the basement, for example and a real-time life saver if that machine happens to be headless.

Actually, Bjango started focusing on widgets on, for computers, they moved rapidly to mobile platform following the launch of the iPhone, so that you could take full advantage on monitoring. Excited?

The number of statistics reported are pretty mind blowing. In mind, thing on how to know things like memory usage, temperature and disk usage will be happy to know such stats are evident. Networks usage and load average are also present, along with a list of other stats. No doubt! You’ll find yourself wishing for anything with iStat 2. Everything will be covered perfectly, and that’s sure.

No doubt, from our devices in-hand to our ultra-light laptops across the room to our rendering and compiling pro machines across town to our co-located mini computers across continents, all right on our iPhones. All with iStat 2. Perfect process going on for years, iStat puts literally every single piece of information allowable by iOS and technology right on your display.

Well, monitoring of iOS devices is of course a little less useful than monitoring of a server, which we can agree, but still interesting. Though there’s no temperature stats here unfortunately, with fan speeds missing for obvious reasons also. Still, we can go home, go on vacation, sit by the pool, there is plenty to get your teeth into here too, even if it feels a side-feature to the main event.

iStat 2 is available for download now from the App Store, you can monitor your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad itself and see everything Apple allows you to see, dynamically rendered, and and very well organized. For less than five dollars, casual users interested in keeping tabs on their machines, it will surely appeal to those wth more knowledge to gain.

(source: iStat 2 for iOS on the iTunes App Store) At $4.99