ISeeYou Brings Galaxy S III Smart Stay Feature To Older Devices Running Android 2.3 Or Higher

Finally, Samsung has introduced with its latest flagship Galaxy S III smartphone sets new benchmarks in terms of the software features packed into a device hardware also caught the attention of Android users far and wide. Of course it was integrated with S Voice – the Korean company called it an iOS’s Siri alternative – but some of the top level usability enhancements were a little more considerable.

Now you have to know about Smart Stay functionality in Galaxy S3. For example, a long-standing problem of the smartphone users is how the backlight of the screen can often timeout when you’re in the middle of reading a web page or a book or using camera. While the devices set their timers exclusively on lack of touch-based interaction, so you have to repeatedly tap the screen in order to keep the light shining on your screen, enabling you to view your content without disturbance or you have to set it for 3, 4, 5 minutes for backlight.


This solution isn’t that good to keep the backlight on for longer amounts of time, that can drain the battery life when the device in not in use and pulls out the joice as well. For this amazing solution we are here to share something about the battery drain and talk about the best functionality used in the latest Korean-powered device.

Samsung in other hand amended that issue with Smart Stay the Galaxy S III, and now, if you’re holding the device, the smartphone earns its iconic by staying awake for the duration. This is what a good sign for early adopters of the quad-core offering, but it doesn’t help much with hundreds of millions Android users owning an older device.

What to do now? If there is a will there is a way! is a concept many trust, similar to that, here’s a solution by posrting Smart Stay to the older devices, which is technically not possible since the feature depends on TouchWiz’s framwork though.

Say no more worries. ISeeYou, an app developed by Macro Roccagli, brings the Smart Stay solution to those running Android 2.3 or higher for free. A paid, Pro version is also available it allows the interval in which the front facing camera searches for you to be altered, while older Android-powered owners with a free version doesn’t get any customization abilities. That said, the next iteration will probably do the trick for most, and providing your device has front-facing camera, which will detect your face and keep the lights on when somebody’s home.

Installing ISeeYou app on your any Android device [2.3.x or higher], like Smart Stay on Galaxy S III, the application will make sure that your phone’s screen does not turn off if you are in front of the phone reading an article.

The free version doesn’t offer you much, but a PRO version is 99 cents (INR 35), and its worth that investment if you’ve had enough of your device’s display letting you down. Wait! it may also take a little bit of extra juice, depending on which device you’re owning, comes with a couple of needed options like after how many seconds should the app scan for the user’s face and the maximum scan time.

Note: Keep in mind that since the app uses the front-camera for scanning your face after every x seconds, it will have a negative impact on your phone’s battery life.  Our advice is to first try out the free one – linked to below – for a couple of days before parting with your cash and going PRO version.

Download ISeeYou Free for Android [Google Play link]