Is This The New Kindle Fire Posing 10- Or 7-Inch [IMAGE]

The Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader is well known as the mini tablet computer introduced nine months back and said in a fire it sold as a top selling product on‘s official website. It is great to hear that the company has captured a great success up to 22% of the US tablet market. Today we got some news about the next Kindle Fire, Amazon’s Android-powered tablet that is expected to be announced next week after the current model sold out. Details about it after the jump!

Considering tablet computing space in one of the most hotly contested industries at the moment, with the huge success of the iPad proving just how how important and accurate that particular marketplace can be for the companies. Since the launch on Apple’s iPad tablet, we’ve seen many rivals emerging in its own architecture, hardware and shapes and sizes, running varying operating systems and priced at different equity points, however no other contender come nearly closer to dominating the space like the iPad has over the last three generations.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the most successful Android tablet that has seen in the recent times, announced back in September 28, 2011. Unfortunately it said that  it has sold out which makes many disappointing, but there is also a good news around the corner as we just been treated to what is rumored to be Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet emrging soon. But there is no official word about the image is of the next Kindle Fire device. Check this out!

It said that a pair of Fires is likely – a 7-inch and a 10″ Kindle tablets will be kicked off in the future, though it remains unclear whether both models will be introduced at the same time. If the speculated image shown below points that Amazon is planning on releasing two Kindle Fire models, as said one being a more compact 7″ version and the secondary unit, coming, in a 10-inch Fire flavor, because only to give a hype against the iPad. Whereas Apple is still in full of murmurs about the possible iPad Mini, something that would mean both Amazon and Cupertino companies would effectively be competing for exactly the same consumers around.

Apart this we came to know that the suggested scale of the keyboard seems to be the seven inches Kindle Fire tablet, which would be introduced first this year. Of course we can’t really tell a great deal from the leaked image, it is plainly obvious that not a great deal of time and effort has been placed in designing an attractive and unique exterior. According to The Verge, one additional image of the new model, that” they saw been asked not to publish; it shows a streamlined user interface with less “chrome.” It’s unknown whether this refined UI will make any sense to the production model orn’t“.

The device looks like an extremely plain black slab with the expected bezel surrounding it. Aside from the external aesthetics, after seeing the one only angled view of it, which is front. Users who are potentially interested getting their hands on a new Kindle Fire will be exclusively interested to see what pricing point Amazon will announce the tablet with. Now we have learned that the Kindle Fire is now officially sold out. Now we can look forward to the next tablet from Amazon very soon

Up to now best thing is eagerly wait for an official confirmation of the next Amazon Kindle Fire either a 7-or a 10-inch tablet.