Microsoft to offer $15 Windows 8 upgrade, when you buy a Win7 PC

Is Microsoft Offering A Cheaper Upgrade To Windows 8 Free, If They Buy Windows 7 PCs

Reports surfaced that the software-giant in order to retain buyers who are willing to purchase a PC, putting Windows 8 upgrade in the horizon – Microsoft is preparing a special promotion during which they will be providing Windows 8 Pro to buyers of Windows 7-based PCs, which can be held between on or after June 2nd for a dirt lower cost. How much?

Microsoft to offer $15 Windows 8 upgrade, when you buy a Win7 PC

According to Paul Thurrot report today, he was hearing word from his sources that this promotional offer will be priced at $14.99 for an upgrade to Win 8 for those who buy a PC with Win 7 running. However Microsoft will also reportedly offer just a single upgrade for all Windows 7 versions, up to Windows 8 Professional.

Microsoft in April 2012 revealed that it would ship four versions of Windows 8 operating systems (Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro) a version for bulk purchasers and most amazingly the Windows 8 for ARM, the flavor of the Win8 OS that will appear on tablets.

Microsoft without any surprise reassure its practice of offering upgrades from Windows 8 basic to Windows 8 Pro, Windows SuperSite added. You are running Windows 7, for example, the upgrade Anywhere option allows users to unlock Windows 7 Premium content and functions that coded onto the disc itself.

I am a big fan of Windows Vista operating system for its customization options, but for some reason it lacks some useful things though, Microsoft officially or unofficially said a word on Vista which would be able to upgrade directly to Windows 8 or not. While Windows XP customers are blocked from upgrading directly to Windows 7, similar to that Win Vista would also be done.

It won’t be just a way to push people to purchase PCs at around the time the company drops its Windows 8 Release Preview (RC). According to the Best Buy who said on Monday, that from May 13 to June 2, customers who willing to buy a new notebook PC from its Premium Collection could receive a free version of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010.

Microsoft reportedly will charge $14.99 for an upgrade to Windows 8 for those who buy a PC with Windows 7 on it after June 2

Reportedly, the deal is set to last from June 2nd all the way through January of 2013, at which point most PCs on the shelves will be running Windows 8 anyways. But things are different now as there are only two consumer SKUs with Windows 8.

What do you think about Microsoft’s offer to buy a Win 7 PC to get a free upgrade to Windows 8 RC version? Share you thoughts! Via PCMag