Rovio’s Game ‘RETRY’ Download For Android And iPhone Now Available For Free


Rovio, is the creator of Angry Birds and its sequel’s has started rolling out a new game called RETRY, which is an 8-bit gameplay similar to the iOS’s Flappy Birds launched in May for limited time in-app purchase. Now, the game is available for iOS users globally and is also released for Android. Alternative to Flappy Birds!

RETRY for iOS and Android is somewhat different from piggies, and birds and not exactly like the Flappy Birds, but in this game you fly through treacherous obstacles, and earn stars to unlock new levels while playing.

Notably, this will be the first game released by Rovio Entertainment’s experimental publication arm, Rovio LVL 11.

RETRY Highlights

  • FLY. CRASH. REPEAT. No one said this would be easy.
  • SPIN FOR THE WIN! Loop, stall, dive – master the moves, or eternally retry.
  • COLLECT COINS! It’s the 80s – what did you expect? Don’t say Bitcoins…
  • DAILY CHALLENGES! Unlock these intense levels and humiliate your Facebook friends.
  • RETRO 8-BIT GRAPHICS! Next gen? How ‘bout first gen.
  • SLICK SYNTHESIZER SOUNDTRACK! Crank it up and hit the skies.

RETRY is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

Download RETRY for Android, iPhone and iPad [Free of Cost]

Here’s How You Can Place A Call On Hold With Your iPhone [IMAGES]

When you get another call on your iPhone talking to, you have to place the current call on hold, so that you can suspend the phone calls without hanging it up. Whereas Hold button is already settled on your device alongside the mute, but do you know you can put calls on hold on iPhones? Here’s a simple tip for that, details after the jump.

Being an iPhone 4 user I get calls from various locations and when I want to lift another call I have to put place it on hold, but it prevents you from being able to hear the individual on the other end and they can’t hear you either. Now what to do? It’s a slightly hidden feature that you aren’t aware of, which you won’t see at the normal phone options either, but following this guide on how to use it you make it simple:

* While on call, tab and hold on the “Mute” button until it turns to “Hold“.

* Once again Tap to resume the call as usual.

Unfortunately this hidden feature is only available on GSM enabled iPhone (AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA), whereas the Verizon and Sprint iPhone’s doesn’t offer to support this feature on their CDMA networks. Though, users on CDMA networks can always just use the Mute feature instead.

Enable/Install iPhone 4S Siri Voice on iPhone4

There’s some good news for iPhone 4 users. Tha Apple‘s new revolutionary personal assistant feature Siri Voice, that is exclusively available in iPhone 4S can now be ported to iPhone 4. 9 to 5 reports that they have been working with iPhone developer and hacker Steven who have managed to successfully port Siri of iPhone 4S into iPhone 4.
Install SIri on iPhone 4
Update on 15th October:
Steven was successful in getting the beginning steps of full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and SpringBoard files onto iPhone 4. Siri on iPhone 4 can recognize the spoken commands both in standard Siri view and Keyboard Dictaion view.  Siri is also able to speak back to the user.  But, Apple is not authenticating the commands of Siri from iPhone 4.
When Siri was installed on iPhone 4, it was observed that Siri and iPhone 4 are working sluggishly. This is not due to Siri, but due to a special GPU driver which is not present in iPhone4.

There has also been no official word from Apple, why Siri Voice is available exclusively to iPhone 4S. Though here is no technical reason why Siri wont work on iPhone 4, but Apple believes that iPhone 4 hardware cant support it- iPhone 4S has a special microphone support for Siri which is absent in iPhone or because the A5 may run Siri Voice slightly quicker.
If you are eager to Install Siri Voice on iPhone 4, you need to wait few more days, so that hackers can port Siri onto iPhone 4. For more updates, stay tuned with us.

Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone – How To

Skype for iPad and iPhone is now available in the App Store. Actually, Skype iPad App brings Viddeo calling/chat. But, no tools are yet available to record Skype Calls on iPad. But, following th below steps, you can Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone.
How To Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone
First to Know – This Skype app is Compatible with the original iPad and Apple iPad 2 (supported to Make  Video Calling). The best feature of using Skype over the built-in FaceTime app is that it lets Video Chat with Friends who are outside Apple iMac or iPhone or iPad, and this Skype is available for all the Mobile Platforms that includes Windows, Linux, Symbian and Android and others too.

How to Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone:

There are many tools available to record calls on skype on a computer desktop. Recording Skype calls on Apple iPad/iPhone is little different.

Quick Video is the Best Skype Calls Recorder. This is a free voice recorder with Minimal Interface and can be used to Record calls Audio of unlimited duration. But Quick Voice cannot run in background. Also, you cannot exceed 5MB of the Audio File size and transfer it out of your iPad.

Important Note: This tool uses the device’s built-in Microphone and Speaker to record calls and no skype integartion is involved. You can connect your iPad to your PC and transfer the audio files you have just recorded.

Grab Quick Voice to Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone. Also Download Skype iPad App with Video Calls Support over WiFi Free from iOS App Store.

iPhone 5 To Launch on September 5th?

iPhone 5 Launch Date : News has been surfaced on the web that the Next-generation iPhone is set to Release on September 5th. It is already known that iPhone 5 is going to be launched in September, but the release date is not known. Now, Apple has confirmed that thay are going to have a new product launch in September Last week. The new product may be iPhone 5.
iPhone Launch on September 5th
The next-generation iPhone may be released along with iOS 5 on september 5th. The news came from a Mobile Carrier Swisscom,who recently spoke to iPhoneItalica, that the iPhone 5 will definitely launch on their network on 5th October, after Launch in US (One Month Later).

So, this would give us a USA Launch date of 5th Septembe 2011. This news came from a senior executive at Swisscom, who also said that October 5th is the launch of the Next-generation iPhone to the rest of the world. Actually, Apple has done this in the past Product release like iPad Launch in USA First and others after One Month.

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Track Your iPhone/iPad Data Usage with “My Data Usage Pro” App

A new app called “My Data Usage Pro” app is available in iTunes App Store for Download. Using “My Data Usage Pro” application, you can Keep Track of iPad/iPhone Data Usage. Many network providers, these days, keep restrictions on the Data Usage. So, the users would like to know about their iDevice Data Usage.
Track iPhone/iPad Data Usage - My Data Usage Pro app

“This is an Application that enables us to count every last byte you have Downloaded and hence fend off that scheming telecom provider who is waiting so that you exceed your monthly data limit and he can milk your hard earned money as outrageously overpriced penalties.”

To keep track of the Data Usage, My Data Usage Pro is the best app because you can keep track of the data you have used per month. It also gives information about How much data is still remaining to be used. My data Usage Pro is also Equipped with Early Warning System which warns you when the limit of the data usage is approaching and also gives you suggestions on how to optimally use the data plan.

My Usage Data Pro Application is available for Downlaod at iTunes App Store for $0.99.

iPhone 5 to Release on August 16th 2011 ?

iPhone 5 Release Date – The launch of iPhone 5 is expected to be in september 2011. But it may be launched little earlier, in August 2011. The guys of CNET UK spotted a job listing in Apple in UK offering “Full Time iPhone Sales Staff” who can work for the company from 16th August 2011 to 29th August 2011. The Compay also offered Job Listings and offered Staff to Hire around UK. When the CNET UK did some research on that listing, they found that they have worked with Apple Before.
iPhone 5 to Release on August 16th 2011
There is a reason for us expecting iPhone 5 to launch on August 16th – Apple would not be looking for Sales Staff if it is not going to launch iPhone 5 in August. If the news about iPhone 5 Release Date is true, then we can expect iPhone 5 Official Announcement in a couple of weeks by Apple. If iPhone 5 will go on Sale on August 16th August, then Apple will definetly put it on Pre-order in a few Days (One or Two Weeks).


iPhone 5 to Include BlackBerry-Like LED Indicator for Notifications

Anonymous Source that calls itself “Mr.T” reports that the next iPhone will have an LED indicator next to the camera.This LED Indicator would presumably flash whenever there is a notification, such as whenever user receives a text message or whenever any App invokes the notification service built into iOS. Also, iOS 5 include a cool function of Notifications. So it would be logical that iPhone 5 would include such enhancement Hardware-wise.

The next iPhone will have a BlackBerry like LED
When Apple had purchased two dual-LED camera flashes to be built into iPhone 5, rumors of two LEDs around the Camera have been Surfaced. According to anonymous leak, reported by iPhoneDownloadBlog, suggests that the second LED is to Display Notifications, and not to improve picture accuracy.

These LED indicators are present in some BlackBerry Phones. Having flashing LEDs help you to notify when you have a missed call, unread text message are good to have, especially when stuck in those long meetings where no ringtones or vibrations would be allowed.


Monitor the Data/Network Usage of iPhone Apps – How to

Most of you might have received huge data bill, but you dont come to know the application which is responsible for it. Now, you can Monitor your data usage of iPhone apps by installing a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia. iNetUsage is the name of the tweak, using which you can monitor your data usage. Just install the tweak and specify a data range. Now you can see your network usage broken down by network device and application. You can also track the network activity of applications using this tweak. Insatlling iNetUsage tweak will not add any icon to the application menu of your iPhone. Just go to Settings app to configure this tweak. In the settings app, iNetUsage is found in General -> Usage panel.

How to Monitor Network Usage of iPhone Apps
iNetUsage is available under BigBoss repository in Cydia. It costs $1.99 USD. You will need to have a jailbroken iPhone to install this app. Also this app is compatible with iOS 3.2 or higher.

Speed Up iTunes and iOS Device Syncing – How to

How to Speed Up iTunes and iOS Device Syncing ? This is the answer. iTunes is often known as Apple’s worst piece of  software as it is very slow in managing music and syncing devices. If iTunes library is very large or there is large content on your iPhone, then iTunes become very slow.  And now the good news to all iPhone/iPod users is that you can speed up iTunes and iOS device syncing.

Speed up iTunes

The video below demonstrates how to speed up iTunes and iOS device syncing