iPhone 5’s Next USB Dock Connector Cable With Smaller Pins Surfaced [IMAGE]

I am a bit disturbed about what would be the codename of the new Apple product in which it will announce its next-generation iPhone, although much media attention has focused on the Cupertino company’s introduction to, which points the new iPhone, dubbed unofficially as the iPhone 5.

A purported photo of an USB cable for Apple’s new iPhone 5 has been leaked online, and reveals a smaller connection, that is rumored to be replacing the current 30 pin connection of the previous iPhones. The upcoming smartphone, from what we can gather, will include many changes while, as strange as it sounds, remain largely the same as the current iPhone 4S. The display is set to become marginally longer – the first time Apple has deviated from the 3.5″ diameter on its flagship device and the depth of the the iPhone will be replaced with a slightly revamped method of screen manufacture.

The Micro-SIM will make way for the itty bitty new Nano-SIM, saving even more space, and completing the visually-noticeable (besides the very negligible) changes is the new dock connector. Compared with other USB-connected smartphones, tablets and music players, Apple’s dock connector is rather large and that’s all set to change this way almost certain as though the current 30-pin arrangement will be significantly downscaled to just nine (9).

The leaked photograph reveals that the USB cable has FTC markings and what looks like a scannable QR code on the standard USB end, the connection regarding previously rumored as the device of the new dock introduced during Apple’s keynote next month September 12th.

The next iPhone – along with a tweaked 3rd-gen iPad and a possible iPad Mini – will be among the very first recipients. To fit the last piece of the jigsaw into the story of the dock connector is USB cable company Veister, which appears to have unearthed the first sighting of the corresponding sync cable.

Still unknown, but saving the space in the room for upgraded hardware, and we’ll be updating it soon as we get any more information about the upcoming iPhone device.  For more information on the rumors a comparison video is also available comparing possibly leaked iPhone 5 parts vs iPhone 4S parts.