iPhone 5S Launches In June, Will Be Fall Back By Cheaper iPhone For Emerging Markets

The reports and speculation has been surfacing over the last few weeks about the possible release date, features and technical specifications of the next-generation iPhone. Apple will be delighted with the fact that the iPhone 5 shown off an extremely popular purchases during the festive season, with a note to investors on Monday, Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley told clients – predicting that iPhone 5’s sales will ultimately surpass the company’s to-end predictions. New reports adds some weight to the recent speculation that now suggesting the company could be planning on pushing out a one or two more new iPhone’s in June of this year, potentially with a high-end and low-end model releases.

We got to know that Apple launching a new higher-end iPhone sometime in the second-quarter of 2013 and planning on offering the next iPhone in a range of colors like they have done with the fifth-generation iPod touch, along with some crazy suggestions that Apple should actually pull out of the smartphone market entirely and concentrate on wearable technology. Micheal who also belives the hype surrounding a higher and lower-end iPhone to cater for all markets.


We believe Apple could launch a higher-end iPhone model by the June quarter versus its more typical September/October timing for a new iPhone launch,” Walkley wrote. “We also believe Apple could potentially launch a lower-end iPhone focused on more price-sensitive pre-paid markets, as we believe consumers in markets such as China, Latin America and Eastern Europe would have very strong demand for a more affordably priced 3G iPhone.

A June iPhone release would be perfect in line with Apple’s traditional release schedule for the iPhone and obviously fit perfectly in with the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), a conference which Cupertinoa hosts every year in San Fransisco. Additional corners are also suggesting that the lower-end iPhone could fall back onto 3G connectivity technologies rather than being 4G LTE compatible. Behind the lower-end model iPhone – Apple wants to tap into a budget market consumers who typically choose to purchase pre-paid type contracts. Walkley believes that a lower specification device of such type would be particularly successful in China, Latin America and Eastern Europe.


The Brain White from Topeka Captital is also floating the idea that the device intended for emerging markets and price tags – consumers could fall back to a smaller 3.5-inch display, rather than with any standard iPhone release feature the 4-inch screen that is seen in the iPhone 5 currently. Analysts also suggested that Apple is planning to launch the “iPhone 5S” in May or June with several new color options instead of just black and white and a second smaller version at a lower cost that will target emerging markets.


We will see more information emerging about the next-generation iPhone, but it would be very interesting to see how consumers react to a colorful array of iPhone’s if that particular rumor turns out accurate. True reports! (via BGR)