iPhone 5 Units Sells Out, But Shipping Date Delayed To September 28th

Just one hour after pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 went live on Friday morning, and the demand for the unit has grown this much that there’s already a two-week wait list on Apple’s website after 21st September pre-orders. iPhone 5 demand was so strong that Apple has sold out its initial inventory in an hour and pushed back its shipping date for such pre-orders.

The iPhone 5, which was finally introduced to the world by Apple on Wednesday, he has spent its pre-orders quota for Sept. 21st launch date. Many consumers around the world set alarms and made allowances just to able to log in and secure their pre-order, but those who went unlucky or missed the trend, it looks like you’re going to have to unlock the legions of others in queuing outside the store.

Apple’s website began taking orders for the product at midnight PST on Friday. The elusive iPhone 5 pre-orders started at midnight PST on 14th, but within an hour, the initial inventory had sold out. According to Dow Jones, shipping times for the device then began changing from September 21st to September 28th, meaning many will have to wait two weeks for their device to ship.

Though, the shipping times for the device were delayed from the original Sept. 21 to two weeks, or Sept. 28, the site offers consumers the chance to pick up the device from an Apple Store on 21st, but if you’ve seen just how large the congregation tends to be, of course you are going to want to make alternative arrangements – unless your documentation to be among the first to try the new device gets better of you.

While the company’s first major update to the device in two years has apparently sparked a great deal of consumer interest. According to the analysts survey by Bloomberg this week estimated that Apple would sell 58 million units of the device before year’s end and that’s largest than the iPhone 4S sold units.

Now we got to see the requisites queuing in front of Apple Stores when they open the morning of September 21st. iOS 6 finally launches before that on 19th, so that many can expected more from it. This is all about iPhone 5 trend start-up, will you be heading to your local Apple Store on 21st?