iPhone Launch on September 5th

iPhone 5 To Launch on September 5th?

iPhone 5 Launch Date : News has been surfaced on the web that the Next-generation iPhone is set to Release on September 5th. It is already known that iPhone 5 is going to be launched in September, but the release date is not known. Now, Apple has confirmed that thay are going to have a new product launch in September Last week. The new product may be iPhone 5.
iPhone Launch on September 5th
The next-generation iPhone may be released along with iOS 5 on september 5th. The news came from a Mobile Carrier Swisscom,who recently spoke to iPhoneItalica, that the iPhone 5 will definitely launch on their network on 5th October, after Launch in US (One Month Later).

So, this would give us a USA Launch date of 5th Septembe 2011. This news came from a senior executive at Swisscom, who also said that October 5th is the launch of the Next-generation iPhone to the rest of the world. Actually, Apple has done this in the past Product release like iPad Launch in USA First and others after One Month.

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