Here’s The Video Comparison Of iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S Using Rumored New iPhone Parts

Since last year these rumors surfaced regarding the next-generation iPhone, or so dubbed it the “iPhone 5”, but Apple released the iPhone 4s, and still the new iPhone rumors are circulating and escalating to a crescendo before Apple’s September event. Today it seems we have the 1st real video from the iPhone 5?s front panel in comparison to an iPhone 4S. Details after the jump!

In order to add some more fuel to these unreal rumors a new video has been created by the Smartphone Medic repair company, which compared the leaked and rumored iPhone 5 parts with the already existing 4S iPhone parts.

The major difference between the next iPhone (5) and the iPhone 4S in the video points the screen size, together with the new smaller docking connector which has been rumored sor some time, and will purportedly replace the current 30 pin connector and other form factor is particularly forces us to see the alleged larger display and the previously mentioned picture — iPhone 5 will be much larger than iPhone 4S, display size will be increased from 3.5 to 4-inches (10.33 cm).  Experts say, new screen resolution will be 640 × 1136 pixels: in the same width of just 1.94-inches increased height, and came approximately a “widescreen” aspect ratio of 16:9. Thus the amount of pixels per inch is 326 ppi (such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S).

Repair firm – SmartPhone Medic have created a comparison video of the purported next generation iPhone 5 parts and iPhone 4S parts.

Don’t be that excited, simply wait until the next month, the date when Apple will announce its new iPhone on September 12th, as expected. iPhone 5? will be the codename for that new iOS 6 running iPhone device? Is yet to see the sunlight. As well as rumored reports of Apple announcing a new mini iPad device, as always we will keep you updated.