iPhone 5 Front Panel Shows Up In A New iPhone Photos [Leaked]

Apple is readying itself for the annual media event in the coming month with its next-generation iPhone announcement, with 5 new products could be introduced by the Cupertino company, which being said and rumored of the iPhone 5, alongside the new iOS 6, mobile operating system, iPod Nano , new iPod touch and the smaller in size the next iPad Mini. Today another new photo of the new iPhone’s front panel leaks out. Details after the jump!

Before the announcement of the next iPhone, it’s been appearing in front of our eyes and becoming a reality. Though we are eager to see what and how the handset is going to look when it finally lands. But with bits of rumors are surfacing, the housing has shown off, we’re seeing the insides and outs, the glass and now UBREAXIFIX.com send a picture to the BGR some images of the new iPhone’s final front assembly.

Although its said that the next iPhone is expected to feature a larger 4-inch display, 4G LTE, NFC and a 7.6-millimeter-thin case when it gets unveiled during a press conference on September 12th. Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone is just weeks away from becoming a reality and while the world waits to see it on their hands-on. An additional image from UBREAKIFIX.com follows above.