SIri ported to iPad 1

iPhone 4S Siri Successfully Ported to iPad 1

iPhone 4S‘s Siri was successfully ported to iPad1 by a developer Jack. A few days ago, hacker Steven has got Siri Working on iPhone 4, but was unable to communicate with Apple Servers. This was due to the missing GPU Driver in iPhone 4. However, Steven has given up his work on Porting Siri to iPhone 4 and is hardly working on it. Now, another developer Jack, has taken up the work to Port Siri on iPhone4. Though he could go little forward, he managed to Port Siri onto iPad1. Below are the few screenshots of Siri on iPad1:

SIri ported to iPad 1

Siri port onto iPad 1 successful

Siri on iPad1
Though Jack could successfully Port iPhone 4S onto iPad 1, it isn’t communicating with the Apple servers. But, as Steven told, any iOS can be
spoofed like an iPhone 4S and communicate with Apple’s Servers. If nothing works, Siri Voice can be used to send queries to Google.

We would keep you updated you about the Release of Siri for iPad. So, stay tuned with us.