iPad 3 To Be Refreshed With Lightning Connector At Apple’s October 23rd Event [REPORT]

Three big technology giants have already set their plans for media events for the last week of October – Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 launch event on 25th, Google’s Android event on 29th, Apple’s event on the 23rd are the most heavily anticipated. Forgot to say, another press event is also there of the Samsung’s on 24th, after the widely expected to be centered around an all-new smaller iPad which is popularly referred and rumored as the iPad Mini.

As you are famliar with the rumors and reports, says that iPad Mini isn’t the only Apple product to be announced at the event. A new report suggests that Apple will be making small tinkering to the third-generation iPad (new) iPad. Tweaks like what? Read the complete details after the jump!

According to some folks from the 9to5Mac reports in the form of a big improvement (design-wise) over the previous 30-in dock connector. Which was developed because the 30-pin connector was limiting just how slim Apple wanted their portable tablet device to be. The new connector is more slimmer, thinner and in an excellent design decision, reversible so folks can insert it into the port of the iOS device upside-down and downside-up; users who have been trying to connect the cable at night without a light will know how great this is.

Now, alongside the reverse connector, the source notes that there is yet another possibility that the refreshed new iPad may get a more advanced / optimized processor, a more efficient display and of course, a larger battery. Like iPhone 5, the revamped iPad 3 may also get the ability to support for global LTE as well.  Though, these tweaks will no more effect prices of the new iPad (3rd-gen). It will start at the same $499 for the 16GB WiFi-only model, with $100 increments for storage and $130 for LTE support increments.

Other than that, products that are expected at the October 23rd event include new iMacs, Mac Mini, and a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. Stay tuned to Vsszone, obviously we would be covering all the releases and announcements made by Apple at the launch time.