iOS X Ultimatum Theme Brings OS X Mountain Lion UI To Your iPhone

Every one who loves iOS jailbreaking community and regularly cover the best tweaks and latest enhancements that lands on Cydia, like some of them which can’t be brought to your device without jailbreak. The OS X Mountain Lion was released last month bringing many iOS popular features and apps, but you will notice that we don’t often pay much attention to themes that are released to drastically change the overall look of iOS. I have shared some of the best Winterboard themes for iPhone 4/4S and iPod touch in the past. In fact iOS is a pretty beautiful looking operating system out of the box and themes installed on its personal taste and should live within mobile interface.


When we talk about Mac OS X 10.8 launched including iMessages, Notes, Reminders, Game Center, Notification Center, Share Sheets, Twitter integration and AirPlay Mirroring. I have already installed plenty of most popular animated themes, action game-based themes on my iPhone 4 with the help of Winterboard. When I was searching for another theme packs around, found the best themes for the iPhones and iPod Touches called the iOS X Ultimatum. It’s the sequal of sorts to the oroginal OS X Lion Ultimatum and the themes seeks to merge the desktop UI and the small screen into one home screen.

One of the great things about iOS X Ultimatum for iPhone theme is the fact that the dock located on the bottom of the interface is functional, and app icons can be added for quick app launching. The dock also conforms to certain user interactions, allowing the user to swipe along it to reveal more apps which it can currently show in one view. Also includes the functional Finder bar and the Dock in the main interface, while the majority of the springboard screen real-estate can be used to place app icons.

Remind you, in order to bring such themes onto your iOS devices you have to first make iPhone jailbreak and get Winterboard or Dreamboard installed on it via Cydia and the iOS X Ultimatum DreamBoard theme definitely stands out from the crowd. The designers of the package have attempted to create a theme that is invoked using the DreamBoard theming platform, offering a nice blend of iOS and OS X right on the mobile device.

New iOS X Ultimatum Theme for iPhone Dreamboard [OS X Mountain Lion]

I am pushing some of the screenshots captured from my iPhone 4, bringing the Windows 8 operating system on it along with HTC user interface, that simnply looks like you installed Android on your iPhone with all the dream gestures made available along with the Dreamboard Cydia tweak. iOS X Ultimatum actually works quite well and is quite staggering to hold an iPhone or iPod touch in your hand and be able to interact with the interface of what appears to be an OS X Mountain Lion installation.

The theme even features a full Finder window instance that can be invoked through the Dock to give access to a new window containing all installed apps on the device. The trash icon on the Dock also acts as a quick access shortcut to theme settings, allowing it to be customized to the user’s desire. iOS X Ultimatum is a great example of a DreamBoard theme in action and certainly offers a new way to use and interact with an iOS device.

DreamBoard is a free download on Cydia, but the theme itself is $2.00. Unlike most purchases, this iOS X Ultimatum iPhone theme is available via the ModMyi forums.