Facebook integration with the iPhone and iPad in the upcoming iOS 6 is almost certain

iOS 6 To Include Facebook Integration, Redesigned App Store, iTunes Store And iBookstore

However the developers from the micro-blogging service Twitter will be present in the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this month, but it also looks like the most popular social networking site Facebook is well captures the event with its announcements. According to the TechCrunch reports, the integration of Facebook into Apple’s latest and next major release of iOS will be made official at WWDC. Details as follows!

The recent reports pointing that Apple will be redesigning its mobile content stores as well. Tim Cook mentioned in his interview at D10, that Apple is looking forward to be more social, and he and his team do ulimately end up making the announcements this month, along with making a song and dance about Facebook’s new iOS apps that have recently landed on the App Store. Certainly integrating Facebook and Twitter to its iOS stores will accomplish just that.

Facebook integration with the iPhone and iPad in the upcoming iOS 6 is almost certain

The major part of this conference is that the ovehauls to each of the digital content stores will be major ones, like including Facebook integration, which is now all but confirmed to be making its debut in the latest iOS 6 firm.

However, Facebook has over 900 million registered members, most of which are regularly active on the social network. WWDC will be more exciting with not only Facebook but also for Apple, and for all current iOS users who will be getting an sharing partnership of user-friendly experience to use applications that have Facebook integration, and also expected that the addition of an official iOS framework in a similar manner to what iOS brought witn Twitter client.

It’s currently not possible for what’s and how deeply Facebook will be integrated into iOS 6, likely that users will surely benefit from the ability to share information from native apps to their Facebook Wall, beyond that its difficult to perdict. The iOS 6, or codenamed iOS Sundance as Apple calling it internally, said to be major and they focus on improved interactivity when making purchases in iTunes, the App Store, and the iBookstore.

As you know that Apple recently acquired a company called Chomp that focuses on improved discoverability of applications. While the fruit company is planning to use the Chomp technology across their three digital stores, the implementations will not be ready the time for the iOS 6 launch, which enabling users to interact in a more positive fashion with the App Store, 9to5Mac reports.

Tim Cook told users to "stay tuned" for deeper Facebook integration into iOS

Will more social features in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore make Apple more social? Stay tuned and we shall achieve to bring more information as it becomes available.