Intel Themed “Angry Birds In Ultrabook Adventure” Game Hits Facebook

Millions of gaming fans out there enjoyed playing Rovio’s Angry Birds on their iOS, Android, Windows and Mac machines since its launch from the starting level to the latest titles like upto Angry Birds Space. Although the game was originally launched for mobile phones before hitting tablets and eventually landed on computer. Intel has just announced a themed version of New Angry Birds for Facebook and is made available now.

Now Jumptab, a mobile advertising company has joined the platform with the Intel to launch its new theme “Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure”. This would be a free game that can be played in a browser on Facebook and also works across different platforms as well.

The themed version of the game has Intel ultrabook inspired levels and design elements and the game’s home page states “The bad piggies have fled into an Intel-inspired Ultrabook and the Angry Birds must give chase”. While the slingshot that flings the birds is yellow and blue, which are Intel colors. While the game-play essentially remains the same, there are a few cosmetic differences and new levels.

The background is now an Intel-themed blue circuit board to replace some of the wooden blocks that the birds are trying to destroy. The Intel-powered Angry Birds, the game can be played on large screens from its home page, it can also work on Netbooks and tablets.

The green pigs also have a circuit board design on their heads. The game is free to play, and has scoreboards that can be shared on Facebook to challenge friends.

Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle and CMO, Rovio said, that “Our top priority is to surprise and delight our fans. The game is a great way to experience all the fun of Angry Birds in a brand new environment, inspired by Intel’s spectacular new technology“.

Obviously, Intel is trying to cash in on the popularity of the Angry Birds franchise to popularize the fledgling ultrabook market. Add the FB’s social angle to the equation and the value of this marketing strategy instantly multiplies. While the Ultrabook’s aren’t cheaper enough, but remains to be seen if more and more people will become ultrabook customers or when they will make a sensible thing and wait for these currently expensive device to become cheaper.

The Intel-themed Angry Birds game works without logging into Facebook, but you’ll not be able to save your highest scores though, by clicking this link.