InstantFrame For iPhone – The Hyper Professional Instagram-Inspired Framer Of Awesome Pictures

I have understood fairly that Instagram has its large swarm of critics, and although I find myself checking the image-social networking platform on a daily basis, I do feel sorry for their grievances somewhat. It’s certainly important to recognize that an image of a cooked meal with a monochrome effect slapped on top of it does not equate to professional photography, it’s key to remember Instagram is built for enjoyment, as opposed to professionalism.

So we shall call InstantFrame for iPhone as a perfectly professional Instagram. The Appersian Dev Group, the team behind the Instant Framer would certainly agree with that statement, and have built an app which essentially extends the feature-set already available within the official Instagram app. As well as a bunch of effects (differing ever-so slightly from the regulars), it specializes in offering an interesting variety of frames. You can expect everything under a single roof when you go for a beautification of any image and at the end let your eyes scream unparalleled.

Instant Frame is not a miser in options and functions. There are those silly ones, flowery ones, vectors, shadows, painted, wooden; you name it, and it’s probably there. In existence are plenty of frame-based apps, but unfortunately, the included borders are designed for pre-pubescent children, and while one or two manage to sneak into InstantFrame, there’s still enough here for you to calm your thirstto give the finishing touch to that almost perfect image. Once you’ve given your image the faux-professional touches, you can easily save to your Camera roll/ photo album, as well as share via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, as well as, of course, Facebook’s subsidiary – Instagram.

With a total of 48 different borders, there’s something in there for everybody, and if you find yourself on Instagram often, you may want to give InstantFrame – priced at 99 cents – a whirl. The interface is as smooth and user-friendly as you would expect; all you need to do is select your effect, and in the case of the frame, you can swipe through by running your finger over the image. Often, a frame change can take between one and two seconds in an application like this, and although it seems like a trivial amount of time, it can literally make or break an app in such a fiercely-contested market.

Download InstantFrame for iPhone [iTunes link]