eager to get the freshly arrived Windows 8 Release Preview installed but don’t have DVDs at hand

Install Windows 8 Release Preview Using A Bootable USB Flash Drive

As you know that the official is here: the last pre-release bropped before Windows 8 Release Preview is launched to manufacturing has arrived. Dubbed the RP, the build includes some great noteworthy changes and improvements over the Consumer Preview.

eager to get the freshly arrived Windows 8 Release Preview installed but don’t have DVDs at hand

I am the one who downloaded the 32-bit of Windows 8 RP and installed on my Computer with direct installation though ISO image file. It’s not an hard task to do, and today i am sharing you with a simple step-by-step guide on installing Win 8 RPO using bootable Flash drive. For that you have to follow the how to tutorial below, so that you can run Windows 8 Release Preview on your Windows 7 running PC.

Note: Before you get startedf you’ll need the following utilities. This doesn’t have DVDs in hand, while the optical drive is favor for portability. Means installing Windows 8 via a burned DVD is not possible though, by using an 8GB or 16GB larger Bootable USB Flash drive, you can do it eaily.

Head over to Microsoft official site and grab Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, and start installinf via USB flash drive. This works perfectly fine for Windows 8. For that to run, you have to first grab the image file of Win 8 ISO.

“This tool designed specifically for Windows 7, it appears to work just fine to create a bootable Windows 8 USB key as well.”

Step 1: First Install Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and just open it (require .Net 2.0 Framework, and browse the Download Windows 8 RP ISO Image.

Step 2: Now Select USB to create a Bootable Image.

Step 3: Backup your USB Flash Drive before proceeding with this step, because you may when copying windows 8 files, all your data will be deleted

Step 4: Now Plugin your USB and Browse the USB to create Windows 8 Drive and just click on “Being Copying” as shown in below screenshot.

Step 5: Now Windows 8 Files will be copied to your USB Drive in a form of Bootable Image.

Once completed, restart your computer, and after that you will be seen the installed Windows 8 Release Preview on a USB flash bootable device. Enjoy!