How To Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview Using A USB Flash Drive

My friend asked me about first article published on Windows 8 Developer Preview, which don’t have DVDs in hand, either for Windows 8 Consumer preview, the optical drive in favor of portability. Means that installing Windows 8 via a burned DVD is not possible right now, so you can easily do it with an 8GB or larger Bootable USB flash drive.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview was announced it during a side event to the Mobile World Congress, at the Hotel Miramar in Barcelona. Following this release, Microsoft also released betas of Windows Server 8 and Visual Studio 11 for download. Sinofsky claimed that there have been over 100,000 changes in this build since the Developer Preview.

The Developer Preview, the build, which was released back in September of last year during the BUILD conference, surpassed the 500,000 downloads mark within 24 hours of its release. It then went on to pass the 3 million downloads mark by December. With this much traction – and for something largely focused towards developers and enthusiasts – we can only anticipate an even larger download count for the Consumer Preview. Microsoft will likely reveal download statistics shortly in a Windows Team Blog post, so that will be interesting to see.

Till then experience the Windows 8 in the form of Consumer preview on your computer either install it from an USB stick or Dual-boot on Windows 7 or Triple-boot Linux, Windows 7/8 version on the same computer.

Simply head over to Microsoft official site and grab Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, and start installinf via USB flash drive. This works perfectly fine for Windows 8. For that to run, you have to first grab the image file of Win 8 ISO.

Instructions are as follows:

This tool designed specifically for Windows 7, it appears to work just fine to create a bootable Windows 8 USB key as well.

Step 1: First Install Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and just open it (require .Net 2.0 Framework, and then browse the Downloaded Windows 8 ISO Image.

Step 2: Now Select USB to create a Bootable Image.

Step 3: Backup your USB Flash Drive before proceeding with this step, because you may when copying windows 8 files, all your data will be deleted.

Step 4: Now Plugin your USB and Browse the USB to create Windows 8 Drive and just click on “Being Copying” as shown in below screenshot.

Step 5: Now Windows 8 Files will be copied to your USB Drive in a form of Bootable Image.

Now restart you Computer, if you followed the guide correctly you can see you installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a USB flash drive. Enjoy!