Instagram v3.2 For iPhone And Android Hits App Store Adds New Filter, Revamped Camera, Editing Feature And More

The equation that made by Facebook acquiring it for close to a billion dollars all those months ago, it’s clear to say Instagram hasn’t changed a fair deal. The tried-and-tested method of facilitating photos, filters, likes and comments hasn’t gotten any less popular as we neared the end of 2012, and today, Instagram has rolled out with a couple of new features to keep Instafans happy-snapping.

The update received by those running on iOS and Android, and though it’s fair to say the enhancements won’t set the world descend, they’ll obviously help improve the experience all-inclusive.

Talking about the Insttagrams’ update first, the breads-and-butter camera functionality has been exclusively improved, with iOS Camera Roll now integrating a smoother interface with the app. While most of the users opt to upload and share photographs already taken as opposed to the trial-and-error method of shooting images using Instagram camera, and thanks to the new integration, selecting directly from your stored collection of pictures is a great deal more streamlined than it was ever before.

Now, Instagram has well and truely popularized the filtering of images using a one-click process and whereas the system has organically come under some scrunity from photography enthusiast, which it continues to be the staple part of the Instagram network naturally. Most portion of images uploaded to the Instagram servers are well treated with some kind of hazy overlay, and for those whom cannot get enough of this treat of “editing,” a new filter by the name of Willow has been also added.

Instagram now also offers integration with Foresquare, with a dedicated button on location pages that opens up the app (or mobile web version), and gives the ability to grab further information of your current surroundings as well.

With this latest release of Instagram app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the tilt-shift blur feature is also been improved, and now actually publishes the edit as you prepared. When compared to the earlier versions, discrepancies between the tilt-shift edits previewed and those eventually published made the feature a tad bit hit-and-miss, but now, everything appears to have been cleared up in the newer update.

Both the iOS and Android versions are now available as – free of charge, can be downloaded below from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store officially.  (source Instagram)