Instagram For Windows Phone App Revealed, But In A Leaked Screenshots!

Usually the Windows Phone is far behind the scenes and the likes of iOS and Android in terms of numerous apps, in fact many “core” apps are missing only serves to power up the problem. Instagram is such app which, for some assets, has hindered potential migration from the aforementioned big B’s platforms, and love or decline the filter-laden network, its popularity is undeniable. IKn order to take full advantage, apps like Instagram for Windows Phone will need to materialize sooner rather than later in to the market share, and if it been wishful thinking or a legitimate claim, a screenshot has surfaced depicting the Facebook-owned app on the Windows Phone Store.

To overlap the app page from another store would not require grade A Photoshop methods, and the fact the opening sentence seads describes the app as “a simple way to make and share awesome photos on your Android“, makes sense about whether there’s any possibility that we could on the crest of Instagram Windows Phone app.


The Twitter listing, which leaked early today via anontechleaks, makes note of the fact that the app isn’t available to download, what it means is that, it is indeed real, likely being tested internally. With the page not supposed to be going public, the description could easily have just been pasted over from Google Play in order to bulk up the text and offered a rough idea on how the app will eventually look.

Refreshingly, the app appears in the Photo > Social category’ one which, at the point in time, doesn’t actually exist. While it’s not as though the Windows Phone Store is exactly husky with Instagram-like apps, so there’s no reason why the app couldn’t create its own category upon eventual releases.


In fact at this current moment, there’s nothing to get excited about the prospect of an official Instagram app for Windows Phone. Until we see any more accurate changelogs, we’ll be talking about this particular one. Like this another leak, which, well, is claimed to be the real deal:


Note: Actually we are not sure the above mentioned screenies and leaked information is substantial, because its incredibly difficult to mock-up. (Source: WPCentral, shared: Redmondpie)