Images Of Alleged New PlayStation 3 Model Leaked Online

Almost a week ago, as a report surfaced on the FCC filing that revealed and suggested about a new PlayStation 3 model, that’s in works – before the last version release of the next-generation PlayStation debuts. Now, more details surfaced revealing the latest leak, again from another filing; Technoblog discovered several alleged images of the new PS3 device itself that were included in a filing with the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications (Anatal).

The new one is said to be in a slimmer model console leaked in a variant of new pictures. While the most popular and big three company’s, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all seem to put out new variants of their gaming consoles. From the Xbox 360 S, to the Wii and the PlayStation 3 Slim model.

What the surfaced images suggests to and what could be the console in question? The leaked one show a PS3-branded console with a ridged top, and no slot-loading drive whatsoever. A separation in the casing on the top of the device could indicate a top-loading drive, however. The images depict a pretty interesting device that is designed with a ridged top, fairly curved and indented front, and oval-shaped bottom. The bottom of the console which will act as the stand in some instances is quite bizarrely shaped and doesn’t look like it “belongs” with the rest of the console.

While Sony in the other hand looking to bring you yet another option when it comes to the PlayStation 3. Images that leaked over at Anatel site showing off a PS3 labled console.
Design opinions apart, the filing also confirms three new PS3 models: The CECH-4011A, 4011B, and 4011C. The FCC filing leak from last week suggested that the device sported a CECH-4001x model number, so this certainly seems to be legitimate.

Along with that, Brazilian filling included product numbers, listed for the console read CECH-4011A, CHECH-4011B and CECH-4011C, this numbers correspond to the systems 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB hard drives, respectively.

The diagrams for the console did in fact show up on the American FCC website, yet Sony has declined to comment on the possibility of there being a new PS3 model.

If Sony rolls out the said PlayStation 3 console model, then this variant would be the second slim model to come out, and the tenth console variation to come out. Reminding you that Sony has already released a slim PS3 model back in 2009.

Now Sony has another newer PlayStation 3 revision in works. But, Rumors have suggested that it will make its debut at the gamescom conference that takes place in Germany at the end of August. When talked about the announcement. Don’t be so excited with rumors and leaks, perhaps you can hold it out until the next-generation PlayStation is released, supposedly sometime in 2013.

Stay tuned to Vsszone, it’s only a matter of time until it seems clear that Sony is readying some sort of revision to its aging console and confirms the revised PS3 hardware that’s clearly in the pipeline.