iMac With Retina Display Could Be Launching This October [REPORT]

According to one of the best sources called Digitimes claims that Apple is readying to release a Retina-displaying iMac as early as October. While Apple plans to launch its latest iteration of iOS 6 firmware along with its next-generation iPhone this fall, where the flagship smartphone could also share the stage with next-generation iMac with boasting full Retina display.

Apple is implementing its Retina Display on all its products so it’s no surprise that the newest version of the iMac will likely have one as well. Where consumers were dazzled by the sharp display of the MacBook Pro with Retina display unveiled at WWDC this year, and although natural progression suggests the rest of the line-up will follow suit, most presumed we could be waiting for the early next year.

The Digitimes reports and reckons Apple’s suppliers will begin shipping the new iMac’s components as early as this month. The same sources also claims that the notion of across the board “Retinization,” of the Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s range of computers, and with the iMac running all the way up to 27″ in screen diameter, that could be one of the most pixel-rich display we ever seen.

The sources also said that the supply chain “will start supplying components for the mass production of Apple’s upcoming new iMac all-in-one PC in July with the device’s official launch possibly around October.”

iMac aside briefly, the ultrabook market, which will now begin releasing units packing the new Ivy Bridge chip from Intel, is currently struggling to compete with the MacBook Air, with poor general sales. Expected result is the new Retina-enabled MacBook Air to arrive sometime next year – could deal the final stage of the ultrabook unless vendors decide to offer higher-res displays.

With the new iMac in October, both the iMac and Mac Pro could be a huge topic next year, with brand-new models offering more power and better performance than the current one.

Currently, Apple is the largest all-in-one PC vendor worldwide and is also a top-five vendor of the desktop PC market in terms of shipments. In the first quarter, Apple’s iMac sales reached 1.22 million units, accounting for 3.1% share of total desktop PC market, according to research firm IDC.

However a Retina iMac for October is by no means an impossibility, the preoccupation of iOS 6 and the next iPhone – both expected to land around September-October time, could of course steal the hype away from a nice iMac refresh.

What do you think about Apple really planning to upgrade its iMac and Mac Pro and is also considering to release newly designed iMac and Mac Pro in 2013, the sources noted.