iDebStore For iOS Aims To Be The Best Alternative To Cydia For Faster Access From Desktop And iOS

For all the Apple devices we’ve been seeing a number of installer packages over the years in the jailbreak world, Cydia is the only one that has perfectly managed to sit in the top position and rise to prominence as the de facto package installation method on jailbroken iOS devices. Becomes the most tweaking and a powerful alternative to the official App Store, which I being an iPhone users believes it honestly.

The jailbreak tweaks like Winterboard and Dreamboard makes some sense of performing its own unique style of theming clients available in Cydia for a long time that the iTunes App Store wasn’t able to bring. There are always going to be people who feel that competition is the best way to breed creativity and to keep developers on their toes in order to keep pushing out and innovating with their product. Pretty concerns that a number of people seem to have is; Cydia has a monopoly on the jailbreak world and however provides no incentive for the founder, Saurik to introduce a new feature or improvements to its current package. There were offline and online installer based on Cydia packages like .Deb and .IPA which can be installed through your desktop of directly from your iOS device though iFile and such like tweaks.

Now comes iDebStore, which is a web-based installer that is aiming to be a lighting fast alternative to Cydia. The developer(s) behind the iDebStore creation were inspired to create the online portal after deciding that reloading the packages and installing via Cydia was too slow for their liking. The site is currently in a closed beta stage with more than one thousand apps to try out from the site, with free of charge packages being offered from the default repositories as part of the beta.

iDebStore is a new upcoming installer that will compete head to head with Cydia. Whether it will turn up popular as Rock is not certain. While it was not the first it did monopolize the jailbroken user base until the release of RockYourPhone, which was later bought by Saurik securing Cydia the as the go to installer. Since then other installers have arrived such as Lima, none producing any big level of success.

According to the developers, the long term plan for the iDebStore involves not having to deal with repositories at all with all packages being hosted centrally. Users don’t have to struggle anymore. iDeb fixes this and provides the most simplest UI to use and all the iOS versions are supported. With the iDeb you will have to wait for a reloading Data or anything, it si amazingly faster than ever before.

This iDeb include having an extremely simplistic user-interface which allows all levels of users to get involved, and is also available across all versions of iOS thanks to the web-based method of access. The developers promising that iDebStore will be amazingly fast and will have the ability for users to log into an account to gain access to all downloaded packages, something that eliminates the need for backups of jailbroken installations.

By logging in to your iDeb Store you will be able to access your Packages on your Desktop or your iOS device. To get iDeb Store completely working all you have to do except adding it to home screen is download a tweak from our repo. Isn’t it an easy installation? Without any certificates installed or anything like that now.

The currently accessible iDebStore information is all well and great, and this isn’t the first time we have heard murmurings of people creating alternatives to Cydia. Since then other installers have arrived such as Lima, none producing any big level of success. Cydia is so ingrained into jailbreaking with users, seeing the Cydia name and icon is considered as confirmation that the device is indeed liberated and it would be extremely difficult to prize users away from that.

Without any conflicts, packages installed in iDeb Store do not create conflicts with any other Stores or Package Managers. You can install it as a web app, bookmark it, or run it anytime in Safari.You can also use it on your Desktop Computer. However, currently iDebStore works on the following – Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera Browser Safari Internet Explorer And many more!

I trust Cydia source and its pretty amazing little app tweaker and worth more of being the accepted installer solution. About iDebStore, we have to first try it and decide which is the best installer package. Fix it yourself with the iDebStore Alpha (beta-stage) right now.