Hulu Plus For Windows 8 Coming To Feature Multitasking, Now Available To Download

Few hours ago Microsoft has announced Skype as one of the new app for Windows 8 availability at launch along with tablets and PCs supporting the new operating system and a bunch of new applications have been confirmed – and subsequently begun – release for Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 OS. With some Skype for Windows 8‘s key features we notified that added to that, popular streaming content app Hulu Plus has now exclusively in for the upcoming OS. Details after the jump!

Announced it today, that it will be launching its Windows 8 app on October 26, the same day that devices running the Microsoft operating system will finally become available. The Windows 8 iteration of Hulu Plus can be downloaded by means of the Windows Store on Oct. 26th.

Obviously, with the Hulu Windows 8 app you can browse through Hulu’s significant variety of content, all the best new shows, also chose from the plenty of folder content available as well. The Windows 8 app will borrow all the same design stylings as the Microsoft operating system — it’ll be tile-based and will offer up a “panorama” of featured shows when users open it up.

Some of the most popular network shows are watched by consumers in their millions on a daily basis through Hulu, with all the new surprises to see the Windows 8 version ready and eager to launch at the end of this week.

This whole treatment made to be easier for users to discover and watch the shows they love to, so it will also put some key features in the Hulu Plus app bar. However, the new app has been tailored for the software maker’s imminent operating system, the usual rules apply with regards to regional content. When a user selects an episode, they’ll be treated with a menu of options, like “Play” or “Queue.” Users will also be able to “Pin” shows and making them directly on their home screen, without having to go through the lag of originality. All the content can be streamed to anybody with an internet connection, but until then, anybody hoping to catch Glee or Family Guy on demand will need to make alternative arrangements.

In terms of features, Hulu Plus for Windows 8 has – like all Windows 8 apps – been optimized to work smoothly with the touch-based interface of the tablet. Users will also be able to minimize shows they’re watching into a “Snap View” and multitask, replicating the typical TV watching experience where they’re not watching TV and doing email instead. If you have plans on picking up a Windows 8 slate, you will be able to pin your favorite shows to the Start Screen. The Snap View allows the content to be played in a windows in one area of your screen, they don’t even need a second screen to do so – letting you carry out other tasks while you watch.

Finally, if you’ve downloaded one of the pre-release of Windows 8, you can grab all-new Hulu Plus directly from Windows Store – a link to which you can get it below the post. Or you can still wait for the official October 26th – this Friday – Microsoft takes the stage for Windows 8 to retail.

Download Hulu Plus for Windows 8 (Windows Store)