Bring HTC Android-like Lock screen to your iPhone 4S/4 running iOS 5.o or higher using HTCLock

HTCLock Tweak Brings HTC Android-Style Lock Screen To The iPhone

As you all know on what you can expect from the developers Cydia store? Yes! the third-party packages that iOS store can’t give you for free. Developers who work hard to develop more creative enhancements and push them to the Cydia in the for of tweaks. We already seen some best Siri-based tweaks along with some Notification Center, and some now arriving with some iOS device lock screen in the recent weeks, with amazing capability developers launching tweaks like Unfold, Unlockize and yesterday PaperLock.

Bring HTC Android-like Lock screen to your iPhone 4S/4 running iOS 5.o or higher using HTCLock

One of the developer Gil Ben Moshe, who took inspiration from the lock screens found on an Android powered HTC device, the latest one landed in Cydia. HTC is one of the most popular gadget in the world compared to Samsung, Motorola, LG and others for its producer. I am one of those who customize their iOS device with themes, wallpapers and slide to unlock actions.

HTCLock is a cydia tweak that lets you customize your device’s lock screen to change it amazingly to bring the HTC look and feel with some settings. With three alternative unlocking options added to the lock screen. After installation, users will be shown with a semi-circle at the bottum of the device with four circular icons placed on the screen. If you are an user of HTC device before, you will be aware of the drag the semi-circle from the bottom of the display and drop it onto the action which you want to be.

  The HTCLock Cydia tweak can get a HTC Sense UI inspired lockscreen on iPhone, iPod Touch.

By default the current version of HTCLock has YouTube app, Messaging app, and internet app shown in the homescreen, users can either choose to unlock the device, open up the YouTube application, go directly to surf the world wide web through Mobile Safari or go directly into the email composition. After testing this tweak i feel its awesome and works fine with my jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1. HTC Lock doesn’t come with any additional Springboard icons and no configuration options.

It’s a free of charge tweak and available right here at Cydia as HTCLock a pretty new alternative to the iOS stock way of unlocking the device. No words about the additional options introduction such as giving users the ability to set their own actions to occur from the lock screen rather than having to stuck up with the Web, YouTube and Mail.

You can see the below screenshot taken on my iPhone that shows it has more options that can be customized, but they didn’t work for me.

HTCLock is available as a free of charge download from the BigBoss repository – no specific mention of iOS version requirements.