HTC Planning To Produce Its Own Galaxy Note Competitor With A 5-Inch 1080p Display And Beats Audio [IMAGES]

When we talk about Samsung Galaxy Note it not only occupied the sheer physical size when first announced to the world, in fact that came with bundled with a stylus, it actually turned out to be a great commercial success for the company and is certainly one of their most popular creations in recent times. Taht marketplace gone high than likely with the Korean electronics giants have recently announced the next generation launch of its successor, the Galaxy Note II, which as you expect is once again a fairly complete sizable creation, also comes packed with Samsung’s S Pen.

Now just started a trend in the marketplace as rumors surfaced suggesting that Taiwanese vendor HTC is also ready to produce with their own plus sized smartphone like Galaxy Note? HTC is well respected company that already set up its smartphone space and have produced some exclusive hardware related ones in recent years, but have found themselves playing third trifle to Apple and now Samsung. It appears that they could see this latest creation as a potential route of the gaining some recognition and crawling back to top with the big giants.

The speculation of HTC might being working on its very own Galaxy Note surrounding the device comes from an article, that the unannounced device showed up in a now-deleted forum post on Phone HK, and it appears to match a device HTC was previously rumored to be working on. There has been small amounts of internet chit chat recently about the possibilities of HTC entering the market with a device of this nature, with total shock, instead acting as more of an unofficial confirmation of the 5-inch device’s existence. Though some word of its expected specifications has leaked out.

According to Sketechy report on the actual speculation of the device are available, and as yet, we have no idea when consumers can expect the 5″ Galaxy Note-like phone to be available.

The leaked images show off a 5-inch screen that is said to output at 1794×1080 Full HD. It features both a rear- and front-facing camera, the rear one with an LED flash, equating to full high-definition output and will come with two embedded cameras for standard photography, and also the ever-popular video calling. And the red trimming on the device has led some observers to believe it will be appearing on Verizon’s network.

If this happens to be the one, same device that has made an appearance on a benchmarking site in recent weeks, then device, the HTC6435LVW, could be powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 processor and the CPU will run the latest version of Ice Cream Sanwdich. What about Jelly Bean?

Whereas the success reports for Samsung Galaxy Note has grabbed the full attention of a number of other manufacturers. LG, is one, has its won Note competitor in the form of its recently announced Optimus Vu, and now HTC’s yet another enters the phablet sector could be a way of reserving the company’s lackluster sales.

Still there are no official words that HTC is really working on pushing this device out to the market with a stylus, with Beat Audio technology which music fans have all come to know and love in their latest gadgets. With this full HD display, the extra-larger HTC flagship should pack a with all new creations of musical punch. via TheVerge