How To Use iMessage On iOS 6: Set Up For iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad

Apple actually released iOS 5 with some best features in the past like Notification Center, News Stand, iMessage, along with New Game Center, etc which are built-in services that can be used to send messages instantly. iMessage is a service comes as free of charge to send text messages, Videos, Photos, images, instant private SMS, Locations and sharing contact details through iCloud. We had already wrote a lot about how to set up and use iMessage on iOS 5.0/5.1.1 running devices, and today we’re stady to tell you it is possible you can do it on iOS 6.0 / iOS 6.1 devices like iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod touch 5G/4G/3G and iPad 2.

Here’s how you can use iMessage over WiFi and using on iPhone 5 devices. A trick that makes it usable vai Wi-Fi or 3G/2G, that allows you send unlimited texts over wireless connection for free. iMessage is an instant messaging service that is a combination of both MMS and SMS, with the added bonus of sending other iOS 5 users messages at absolute no cost. Only need to activate this feature.



On your iPhone device you need not doubt that it might cut your balance as sending iMessages will find a way around the SMS protocol. Check out the manual tutorial on how iMessage set up can be done.

* Update your iDevice to iOS 5 or iOS 6 firmware

* iMessage will automatically will be pre-loaded for iPhone 4S / 5 devices. In order to use imessage on your upgraded iOS devices, you’ll required. Set up as quickly as you updated, the process is similar to all iOS devices which show compatibility to iOS 5 or 6. Follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Navigate to and Tap on it to open & find ‘Messages’ option.


Step 2: Now tap on Messages, after that navigate to ‘iMessage”.

Step 3: Ensure that the iMessage switch is set to ON. You can also turn on Send Read Receipts and Send As SMS. Once done, now,  there will be a series of attempts made by iMessage service to automatically get your Apple ID or mobile/ phone number. Of course,  will use your cell provider’s network to send the message, which may charge you an SMS fee if you don’t have a unlimited text messaging plan.


Note: For those who didn’t got any Apple ID yet. Head over to Apple’s Online iTunes Store and create one by tapping onto “create new account” option, in order to enable iMessage. Additional email address can be added by tapping on the “Add Another Email ” option there. Once you are done with the above process chatting or texting with your iOS buddies is possible.

Step 4: After configuration done, tap on the “Recipent At” button to see more iMessage settings. Sending an iMessage is the same as sending an MMS or SMS message on your iPhone before iOS require Wifi/ internet connection (3G). Previously, in iMessage to send messages you have used the messages App button and similarly must be used on iOS 6 to send an iMessage.


Tipped as when sending messages; the Send button will be blue if you are sending an iMessage, or green if you are sending a standard SMS/MMS message. The placeholder text will also dictate “iMessage” or “Text Message”.

That’s it you’re all done successfully and learn’t how to set up / use iMessage on iOS 6 iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.