How to Use iMessage on iOS 5 Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

How to Setup iMessage and Use on iOS 5 Devices: iMessage a Built-in App Comes along with iOS 5 Upgrade with Great Features. iMessage on iOS 5 Devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lets you Send Instant Messages (MMS) to each other at free of cost. Setting up iMessage on iOS 5 Devices is very important and iMessage is nothing but an Instant Messaging Solution for iOS 5 Users.

iMessage on iOS 5 allows users to Send Text Messages and MMS via WiFi or 3G. Using iMessage iOS 5 app to Send Messages from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is an easy way.iMessage Brings Texting to iPod Touch and iPad Users.

How to Set Up iMessage on iOS 5

Before Set Up and Using iMessage Service on iOS 5 Devices, must Updated to iOS 5. Download and Upgrade is available Here. iPhone 4S with iOS 5 has Built in iMessage App with iOS 5 Preload. Upgrade iOS 5 on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 3G and iTouch 4G to Use iMessage Instant Messaging Service.

Setting up iMessage app on iOS 5 is to get Started making iMessage work better across Multiple iOS 5 Devices. Setting up iOS’s new iMessage Service to Send Instant Text Messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts across Multiple iOS 5 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices and Mac OS X Lion around the World.

To Setup iMessage on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 2/1 or iPod Touch and Use iMessage with iOS 5 and Send Text to your Friends over the World, you need all your Existing Data Connection, and no Texting Plans or Charges are needed. Want to Setup iMessage on iOS 5, then here is How to Get Started.

Setting Up iMessage on iOS 5 Devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is very easy Process, after you Had Updated your iDevice with iOS 5, iMessage must be set upĀ  in a quicker Way. iOS 5 Featrures “iMessage” Set Up and Using is the same for any iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Devices compatible with iOS 5. iMessahe Setup on iPad and iPod Touch is slightly Different. You can Follow this Guide on How to Set Up iMessage on iOS 5 Devices – iPad and iPod Touch.

How to Use iMessage on iOS 5: iPad 2, iPod Touch 4G/3G and iPhone 4/3GS

* Tap on “Settings” and Look for “Messages”

* Tap on “Messages” and look for “iMessage”

* Tap on “OFF” Button on the right side of iMessage option to Turn it “ON”. Already Turned ON, then Leave it.

iMessage Setting up on iOS 5 iPhone Device

Set Up iMessage on iOS 5 iPad and iPod Touch

That’s it, now iMessage will attempt to get your iDevice Phone Number or Apple ID automatically. To Set Up iMessage on iOS 5 Manually, just Tap on Options “Manually. Use this same Apple ID to Login to yout iTunes or App Store. Apple ID can also Created, if you Do not have an Apple’s ID, to Enable iMessage by Tapping on “Create New Account”. After Setting Up an Apple ID or Phone Number on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, your iOS 5 Upgraded Device is ready to Send Messages and Receive MMS via iMessage Service to and From any iOS Device using iMessage on iOS 5.

How to Send Messages using iMessage on iOS 5

First Use the same “Messages” App Button that was used to Send Text SMS Messages earlier. If, Sending a Message to Other Multiple iOS 5 user and iMessage is enabled on the other Device, then you can see the Send Button in Blue Color. If the iMessage App’s Send Button is Green in Color, then you can be able to Send Text Message as SMS, but not iMessaging.

Last but not least, iMessage iOS 5 Feature is an awesome feature. Using iMessages on Multiple Devices with the new Support of iCloud ensures Sthat you will never miss a bit when working with iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch.