How To Run iPad Apps In Multiple Windows Using Quasar [Video]

This is not the first time we are hearing about jailbreaks apps that are pushed by the jailbreak community with some innovative unique tweaks and packages which are released via Cydia. Today we are going to talk about such type of Cydia app released, means that we as jailbreakers can see a large number of concepts offering being made available.

In the form of the Quasar tweak that just landed on the Cydia store, that can make all the hardcore jailbreakers something to enjoy and experience about. Quasar is an iPad-only tweak that requires iOS 5 or higher running on it to install on the device. Its compatible to the iPad 2 and app released as well.

Quasar is the first and the only windows manager for jailbroken iPad and gives the ability to open up installed apps inside its own dedicated window (like the desktop computer). Quasar is integrated to iOS’s default app switcher by double pressing home button navigate usage of an iPad, or any mobile iOS device that runs apps for that matter, says that only one application can be present on the screen at the given time and must acquire the full screen real-estate. Killing an application in app switcher also kills the window that is associated by entering multitasking tray, which means users have to be familiar with how to terminate windowed apps with Quasar app.

For that you have to only click the close button so that it is closed but the application keeps running in background of the app switcher. Its implemented with the notification center and with Safari, App Store, YouTube, links that opens other applications.

Any installation that can be implemented or run apps is also integrated into the Quasar tweak, and the amazing one about this is that its iPhone-only applications that are optimized to run in the perfect resolution to look and feel the greatness within a Quasar window.

By configuring options from settings app, you can experience the multitasking you wanted on your iPad and run apps in windows using this simple tweak.

The Quasar tweak is now available through the BigBoss repository as $9.99 download which requires a jailbroken iPad running iOS 5.0 or above.